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Peter Rojas / Engadget:
Live from the Steve Jobs Keynote — "One more thing..."  —  The thinner all-in-one iMac.  Ok, punks, it's the day we've been waiting for: in a few short minutes His Steveness will reveal exactly what it is they have cooking.  Engadget bestest buddy Paul Boutin is there at the California Theater …
Ina Fried / CNET
Apple unveils video iPod, new iMac  —  update All that speculation that Apple Computer would unveil a video iPod on Wednesday was right.  —  The company also rolled out a new iMac and a new version of iTunes, iTunes 6, just five weeks after the debut of iTunes 5.
Tom Dunmore /
Live from the video iPod launch  —  We're now sitting in the auditorium at BBC Television Centre, having watched Steve Jobs live on stage in California via a satellite link-up.  He's got a new iMac, a new video iPod and a new iTunes with music video and TV downloads...  - Act 1 is the iMac.
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
"One More Thing" Live and Uncensored  —  Just One More Thing?  I've learned from a trusted source that there is going to be another, even bigger announcement from Apple next month.  No Joke—the other shoe will drop.  Let the rumors begin!  —  The presentation has begun …
Discussion: Lifehacker, Metafilter and The Obvious?
Ryan Block / Engadget:
The iPod (with video) and new iMac G5—hands-on first impressions!  —  As reported by Engadget correspondent Paul Boutin:  —  The video iPod won't disappoint.  It feels slim and easy to hold even after two weeks spent with my nano.  Video playback is solid.  They're not kidding about 30 fps without sputtering.
Peter Rojas / Engadget:
The iPod (with video)  —  Here it is, official pics and specs …
Discussion: Download Squad and Gadgetophile
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  —  MICROSOFT AND YAHOO! ANNOUNCE LANDMARK INTEROPERABILITY AGREEMENT TO CONNECT CONSUMER INSTANT MESSAGING COMMUNITIES GLOBALLY  —  Consumers will be able to exchange instant messages, see presence, share emoticons and add friends from Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger
Associated Press:
Microsoft, Yahoo link instant message services  —  Combined community of IM users will nearly rival AOL's service in size  —  SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. will make their instant-messaging programs work together, a partnership that could give the companies more power to compete against market leader America Online.
Google Wallet close to launch?  —  It's about time for that bi-weekly update that Google Wallet is about ready to launch (only half joking).  This time there is news that Google's robots.txt file has been updated to reflect two new directories on Google: /gwt and /purchases.
Burtonator / Kevin Burton's Feed Blog:
Dot Bomb All Over Again?  —  A lot of the recent news around Web 2.0 is starting to frighten me.  There is just too much money flying around with too much hype and too little value.  Take the Web 2.0 conference for example.  This thing was way over hyped.  It was fun and all but worth $2800?
Microsoft Has New Mission for Media Center  —  Microsoft Corp. is about to give Media Center PCs a new point of view.  —  The Redmond, Wash., software giant is expected to unveil on Friday an update for its Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system that will boost the computers' abilities …
Michael Gartenberg:
Apple and Microsoft have very different views of what a Media Center PC is
Jeff / Jeffrey Veen:
Welcome to Measure Map  —  Last week, my old friend Kevin Lynch from Macromedia stood on stage at the Web 2.0 conference and introduced the audience to Adaptive Path's first product, Measure Map.  As he clicked around the application, he described how Flash, Ajax, HTLM, CSS, Javascript …
Discussion: Download Squad
San Francisco - Live Coverage of Apple Special Event  —  [12:49 PM] As it turns out, no live updating will be permitted during the event.  We will have a wrap-up to post as soon as the event is over.  Stay tuned, and we'll keep you posted here as to when that will be.
Discussion: digg and I4U News
Jon Burke /
Robotic Rollouts  —  Alarm:clock is a daily news site that evaluates privately-held technology startups in the areas of hardware, software, the Internet, and wireless communications.  One industry overview and one company profile by alarm:clock's editors come to Technology Review every Wednesday by special arrangement.
Steve Lohr / New York Times:
Antitrust Suit Turns Into a Partnership for Microsoft  —  Microsoft finally put its antitrust troubles in the United States behind it yesterday by agreeing to pay RealNetworks $761 million to settle a lawsuit.  The two former enemies agreed to forge a partnership that promises to heighten …
Discussion: and business2blog
My Reign as the King of Pings  —  I've been running Weblogs.Com since June for Dave Winer, who wanted to see if service performance could be improved as he began to receive seven-digit inquiries about selling it.  —  Weblogs.Com ran on Frontier for six years from its founding in 1999 …

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