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VeriSign is about to announce acquisition of Moreover Technologies...  . . . is it building a massive news and blogs tracker?  —  By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher  —  VeriSign is about to announce it acquired Moreover Technologies, the San Francisco based news aggregator.
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Rafat /
Verisign To Acquire Moreover : We'd been working on this story, but Tom got to it first...Moreover, the online news aggregation and business information service, is being bought out by Verisign, and the reported price is about $25 million.  The sale has been in works for a long time and puts …
Associated Press:
Yahoo tunes into podcasting craze  —  Internet giant to offer tools for searching popular audio programs  —  SAN FRANCISCO - Hoping to tune into the latest craze in digital media, Yahoo Inc. is introducing tools for finding, organizing and rating "podcasts" — the audio programs designed …
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
There goes Scoble again talking about search  —  The dinner tonight was really fun.  Renee and Paul Mooney put together quite a great group of more than 30 geeks.  I can't tell you everyone who was there, but Jason Calacanis was sitting next to me most of the night and everyone sitting at the table was interesting.
Johnnie L. Roberts / Newsweek:
Selling Songs for a Song  —  Record labels want a bigger cut of digital music profits.  —  Oct. 17, 2005 issue - The music industry is filled with creative types, and many seem to be wearing suits these days.  Consider the latest idea from the business suite at Warner Music Group …
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Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
BBC Leaks Video iPod?  Wait, What?  —  Our Spanish Gizmodo cousin woke us up this morning with a bit of news about the iPod Video which was apparently discussed on BBC 6 in some bit of interstitial programming.  I'm calling bulls**t on this, but take it how you will.
Kevin Howarth / Narcissistic Graffiti:
Live from ConvergeSouth: Session with Dave Winer  —  These are the general notes of the ConvergeSouth session discussion led by Dave Winer on October 8, 2005.  Unfortunately, I was not able to capture every tool mentioned.  Please add what I missed through adding comments, and I will be sure to add them as updates to this entry.
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Kevin C. Tofel / HD Beat:
HD Beat Interview: Mark Cuban from HDNet!  —  What a fantastic opportunity we had earlier this week: a chance to interview Mark Cuban.  Mark is known as an intelligent and influential industry maven in the high-def world, and after we touched base, I can see why.
Discussion: CinemaTech
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Google Reader - Beautiful, Needs Work  —  Google launched a web-based ajax RSS reader yesterday at Web2.0.  The coverage saturated Memeorandum.  —  Unlike Bloglines, which uses frames to avoid page refreshes, Google Reader uses Ajax.  The reader is visually stunning and at first glance appeared to be a contender.
Rob Pegoraro / Washington Post:
Security Suites Are Rife With Problems  —  If security software is so necessary in Windows — as it is — why are we supposed to pay extra for it?  —  For years, that's been a paradox Windows users have been able to mull over as they sat through installations of other companies' security software on their computers.
Joe Cashman /
Windows Vista Build 5231 Leaks  —  A new build of Windows Vista has leaked, a week before the new build is expected to be released to testers.  —  The October CTP build released to testers will incorporate additional functions than this leak, whilst likely retaining the same build number.
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Microsoft asks for feedback on RSS icon  —  Microsoft's RSS team floats a few icons to see what people think we should do in future news aggregators.  Dave Winer answers "big thumb down ... stop reinventing."  —  One thing is that we love icons.  Look at IE's toolbar (or any of our toolbars).
Andrew Orlowski / The Register:
No Office suite from us - Google  —  "See, we start with the toolbar, then we do the Talking Paperclip..."  —  Google co-founder Sergey Brin has quashed speculation that the giant ad broker is to introduce a web-based Office suite.  —  "We don't have any plans," he told Web 2.0 conference organizer John Battelle (pictured below).

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