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Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Google Introduces Feed Reader  —  Continuing its push into the universe of blogs and feeds, Google has launched a feed reader application.  Google Reader is a browser-based application that works with virtually all popular browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
GOOGLE RELEASES RSS READER  —  Google has released an RSS reader.  It is a beta, in Google Labs.  I'll try to review it tomorrow, but in the last hour of tinkering with it, I have never been so frustrated with a product.  Nothing works the way it is supposed to, whole features are broken …
Jason Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
What now?  —  What an amazing 24 hours... I did at least 20 press interviews, spoke with 100+ people at the Web 2.0 conference, and have been emailing and IMing with our bloggers constantly.  I'm fried... but it's a good fried.  It reminds me of finishing the marathon.
Jeremy Zawodny / Jeremy Zawodny's blog:
Oracle buys Innobase.  MySQL between rock and hard place?  —  As reported in several sources (Slashdot, InfoWorld, AP on Yahoo, Reuters), Oracle has acquired Innobase Oy for an undisclosed sum of money.  This appears to be a strategic move by Oracle to put MySQL between a rock and hard place.
Discussion: Joseph Scott's Blog and Slashdot
The Doc Searls Weblog:
A post of thanks...  ... to Dave Winer, not only for getting me into blogging in the first place, but for putting this blog up on for its duration (and where I expect it will remain, on a server operated by Userland).  —  I've said it before, When they scroll the credits of my life …
Inside AdSense Team / Inside AdSense:
Six AdSense optimization tips for forums  —  1. Format is important for multiple ad units  —  Placing a skyscraper above the fold on the left side of your forum seems to produce slightly better performance than other positioning.  However, when using multiple ad units throughout the page …
Microsoft Team RSS Blog:
The orange icon...  It's great that a discussion of icons has recently restarted in the RSS community.  We are in the process of figuring out what icon to use on our toolbar in IE7 to represent feeds.  —  There are five parts of the experience for feeds in IE7: discovering if a webpage has a feed …
Associated Press:
China to develop its own DVD format  —  Announced next-generation standard based on HD DVD  —  SHANGHAI, China - For the second time in two years, China has announced plans to develop its own next-generation DVD standard to break the monopoly of foreign companies and avoid paying heavy licensing fees.
Discussion: HD Beat and Cinematical
Tom Grubisich / Online Journalism Review:
Grassroots journalism: Actual content vs. shining ideal  —  Community news sites get a lot of hype, but can they produce quality journalism?  A survey, from pineapple salsa to virtual village greens.  —  Community sites filled with local news and humming with spirited discussion …
Discussion: Terry Heaton's Weblog
Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Yahoo! RSS awareness whitepaper  —  Yahoo! conducted a study of Internet users in August in an attempt to quantify the ubiquity of RSS among Internet users.  Yahoo! released a whitepaper covering some of their findings after surveying over 4000 Internet users in August.  —  Findings
down the avenue:
Blog/Post Web 2.0 Gathering  —  We're meeting at Gordon Biersch on 2 Harrison Street along the waterfront, in San Francisco for a bloggers/post Web 2.0 gathering tonight — Saturday — at 8 pm.  If only wikis or evites were integrated with blogs, we would have a better sense of how many to book for …
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
How Many Feeds Really Matter: Part 2
USA Today:
Man-made diamonds sparkle with potential  —  BOSTON — In the back room of an unmarked brown building in a run-down strip mall, eight machines, each the size of a bass drum, are making diamonds.  —  That's right — making diamonds.  Real ones, all but indistinguishable from the stones formed …
Discussion: Gadgetopia
PC World:
The Hidden Money Trail  —  Those programs that pelt you with ads and bog down your PC are financed by some of America's largest companies.  —  Allison Smith will never forget the week before Memorial Day 2005.  —  Roaming the Internet looking for some free clip art, Smith found a site that looked perfect.
Discussion: Search Engine Journal
Marc / O'Reilly Radar:
If Everyone Thinks It's a Bubble, It's Not a Bubble  —  Our Web 2.0 conference is prompting all sorts of people to declare that the Bubble-with-a-capital-B is back, Web 2.0 is over, and here we go again.  The only problem with this is, if everyone agrees it's a bubble, then it isn't a bubble.
Richard MacManus / Read/Write Web:   Bubble or Bubble-let?  —  Mary Meeker called where we're at now a "boom-let".

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