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Official Google Blog:
Feed the world  —  So we've added a new experiment to Google Labs: Google Reader, a service we hope helps you spend more time reading what's important to you (or is, if you'd prefer, nicely diverting).  The Reader team is excited to begin iterating in public, and now that Jason Shellen's announced …
Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
GOOGLE RELEASES RSS READER  —  Google has released an RSS reader.  It is a beta, in Google Labs.  I'll try to review it tomorrow, but in the last hour of tinkering with it, I have never been so frustrated with a product.  Nothing works the way it is supposed to, whole features are broken …
Jason Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
What now?  —  What an amazing 24 hours... I did at least 20 press interviews, spoke with 100+ people at the Web 2.0 conference, and have been emailing and IMing with our bloggers constantly.  I'm fried... but it's a good fried.  It reminds me of finishing the marathon.
Inside AdSense Team / Inside AdSense:
Six AdSense optimization tips for forums  —  1. Format is important for multiple ad units  —  Placing a skyscraper above the fold on the left side of your forum seems to produce slightly better performance than other positioning.  However, when using multiple ad units throughout the page …
Paul Marks /
In-flight internet shown off by Boeing  —  On Friday, at 24,000 feet over the Irish Sea and travelling at 300 knots, the 20-year-old Boeing aeroplane in which New Scientist is flying experiences what many experts in radio interference might regard as a "nightmare scenario".
Discussion: Smart Mobs
Dawn C. Chmielewski /
For some teenagers, cell phones become 'an extension of me'  —  What happens when a group of teens and tweens are asked to surrender their cell phones for a day?  —  Nothing as dramatic as, say, a wild animal caught in a steel trap.  No limbs were gnawed off in this experiment.
Discussion: Silicon Valley Sleuth and Techdirt
USA Today:
Man-made diamonds sparkle with potential  —  BOSTON — In the back room of an unmarked brown building in a run-down strip mall, eight machines, each the size of a bass drum, are making diamonds.  —  That's right — making diamonds.  Real ones, all but indistinguishable from the stones formed …
Discussion: Gadgetopia
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Semel On Yahoo Being New To Search, More Open To Google  —  Terry Semel at Web 2.0: "We'll Always Be More Open Than Google" from Yahoo's Jeffrey McManus is a very nice rundown of the Q&A between Yahoo CEO Terry Semel and John Battelle out at Web 2.0.  But man, my jaw dropped at some of the positioning …
The Doc Searls Weblog:
A post of thanks...  ... to Dave Winer, not only for getting me into blogging in the first place, but for putting this blog up on for its duration (and where I expect it will remain, on a server operated by Userland).  —  I've said it before, When they scroll the credits of my life …
Discussion: Blogebrity
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
It's Time to Go the Distance  —  This afternoon I had lunch with Tony Perkins from AlwaysOn.  We discussed his new project - GoingOn - and so much more.  One thing Tony and I agreed on is that the marketing community has got 75% of social media mastery under its belt.
Marc / O'Reilly Radar:
If Everyone Thinks It's a Bubble, It's Not a Bubble  —  Our Web 2.0 conference is prompting all sorts of people to declare that the Bubble-with-a-capital-B is back, Web 2.0 is over, and here we go again.  The only problem with this is, if everyone agrees it's a bubble, then it isn't a bubble.
Richard MacManus / Read/Write Web:   Bubble or Bubble-let?  —  Mary Meeker called where we're at now a "boom-let".
Associated Press:
China to develop its own DVD format  —  Announced next-generation standard based on HD DVD  —  SHANGHAI, China - For the second time in two years, China has announced plans to develop its own next-generation DVD standard to break the monopoly of foreign companies and avoid paying heavy licensing fees.
Discussion: HD Beat and Cinematical
Tom Grubisich / Online Journalism Review:
Grassroots journalism: Actual content vs. shining ideal  —  Community news sites get a lot of hype, but can they produce quality journalism?  A survey, from pineapple salsa to virtual village greens.  —  Community sites filled with local news and humming with spirited discussion …
Discussion: Terry Heaton's Weblog
Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Yahoo! RSS awareness whitepaper  —  Yahoo! conducted a study of Internet users in August in an attempt to quantify the ubiquity of RSS among Internet users.  Yahoo! released a whitepaper covering some of their findings after surveying over 4000 Internet users in August.  —  Findings

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