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Russell / MobHappy:
Weblogs Inc Sells to AOL for $25 million  —  Congrats to Rafat Ali for the scoop that Weblogs Inc are selling to the venerable (and vulnerable) AOL for $25 million.  —  Assuming it's true, it's certainly a very fast turnaround from startup to sale - about two years - and Jason Calacanis …
Zachary Rodgers / ClickZ:
AOL to Buy Weblogs Inc.  —  AOL signed an agreement to purchase Jason Calacanis' Weblogs Inc. Network (WIN), which owns dozens of blogs, including the tech-focused Engadget.  —  The deal comes after months of discussions between Calacanis and AOL, prior to which he was in talks with MSN …
Discussion: Alan Meckler and PR MACHINE™
Business Wire:
Post This: America Online Acquires Weblogs, Inc.  —  AOL and to Offer 85 New Blogs Covering a Wide Range of Hobbies, Lifestyles, Interests and Professions  —  In online content that ranges from music to movies, travel to tech, food to fashion, medicine to mortgages …
Discussion: and The RSS Weblog
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
10 Things About Web 2.0 Conference  —  It has been quite a blur, but there were some exciting side notes which I wanted to report from Web 2.0 conference.  —  The Web 1.0 party at the House of Shields was rocking, and well it was a massive success.  You knew it was over when pretty blondes started showing up at the event.
Mike / Techdirt:
And Now Comes The Real Blog Bubble  —  from the so,-what's-hot-now?  dept.  —  Rafat Ali got the scoop last night, and today it's been confirmed that AOL is buying Weblogs Inc.. As others are noting this is probably a good deal for the crew at Weblogs Inc., but not necessarily such a good deal for AOL.
Rafat /
Exclusive: Weblogs Inc Being Bought Out By America Online …
Darren Rowse / Blog Tips at ProBlogger:   Weblogs Inc Sale to AOL Confirmed - Here's the Inside Word
Microsoft Announces New Product to Help Protect Business Customers  —  Q&A: Microsoft Client Protection is designed to protect business desktops, laptops and file servers from current and emerging malware threats.  —  REDMOND, Wash., October 6, 2005- Microsoft today announced Microsoft Client Protection …
RELATED ITEMS: sold to Verisign?  —  Boy, the scent of money is in the air these days.  The latest report is that Dave Winer has sold to Verisign (~$5 million is the figure being bandied about).  This is an interesting one because it seemed crazy (see below) when I first heard about it …
Olga Kharif / TechBeat:
Sprint-Nextel vs. Vonage: First Bicker, Then Make Up?  —  I just got done reading a 13-page lawsuit, alleging that Vonage, providing popular VoIP services, infringed on telco Sprint-Nextel's patents.  And I have to say that this is the tiniest, and the least detailed lawsuit I've ever seen.
Fuller list of Xbox 360 launch games emerges  —  LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Video game publishers this week revealed most of the lineup of titles slated for release when the Xbox 360 game console ships to stores next month — news many expected from Microsoft Corp.
Discussion: Joystiq and Kotaku
Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Interview with Greg Reinacker and Brent Simmons of NewsGator  —  I had the opportunity to sit down with Greg Reinacker and Brent Simmons to talk about the NewsGator and its recent acquisition of Ranchero Software.  I spent about 30 minutes with Greg and Brent talking about how they decided to work together …
Jane Pinckard /
Trojan Invades PSPs  —  But never fear, Symantec is on the case.  —  Today Symantec Security Response experts identified the first Trojan that targets Sony Playstation Portable systems, Trojan.PSPBrick, as a Category 1 threat (Category 5 being the worst).  As of today, there are no confirmed infections …
Edelman / Speak Up:
The Farmer and the Cowman Continued-Findings from the Edelman/Technorati Study  —  About a month ago, I was at a meeting with Peter Hirshberg, Executive Vice President and Board Member at Technorati.  I was musing about my debate over lunch with David Weinberger about whether companies …

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