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Rafat /
Exclusive: Weblogs Inc Being Bought Out By America Online : [by Rafat Ali] As usual, you read it here first: Weblogs Inc, the blog media company founded by Jason Calacanis (pictured at We Media conference today) and Brian Alvey, is being bought by America Online, has learned from multiple sources.
AOL to buy Weblogs Inc. network for $25 mln-source  —  SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 5 (Reuters) - America Online Inc. has agreed to buy Weblogs Inc. — a network of Internet diaries focused on niche topics ranging from food to gadgets — for around $25 million, a source familiar with the deal said on Wednesday.
Duncan / The Blog Herald:
Gawker Media in sales talks?  —  OK, its an unsubstantiated rumor and comes hot off the press following following the news that AOL has bought Weblogs Inc., but I have it on good authority from someone who should know that Nick Denton's Gawker Media has been approached by News Corp …
BL Ochman / B.L. Ochman's weblog:
Blog Publishing Hits the VERY Big Time With Denton/VNU Deal  —  Blog entrepreneur Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, has hit the really big time, and very soon, so will blog advertising.  Mark my words, blog advertising prices are about to soar.  And it's about time that blog influence and value unite.
Discussion: RatcliffeBlog and Gizmodo
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:   AOL Buys Weblogs Inc. - Report
Matt Cutts:
More details on Web 2.0 story  —  This is why I love having a blog.  Here's a story that includes a quote from me from a Web 2.0 panel: … What I mean by that is that competition makes things better for users and publishers.  If someone comes along and competes fairly and does a better job than Google …
Discussion: Traffick and
Red Herring:   Web Ads Should Be Smarter
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 2  —  Here's the second set of companies that presented at the Web 2.0 conference Launchpad workshop.  See Part 1 here.  —  Zvents  —  My friend Ethan Stock showed off Zvents, which launched last night.  We've written about zvents here and here.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 1
Discussion: SiliconBeat and BuzzMachine
Jason / Flicker Gaming:
The Carnival of Gamers  —  Welcome!  —  This marks, I believe, the seventh Carnival of Gamers thus far, and I would congratulate it on lasting seven months except that the first four carnivals all happened in basically six weeks.  But regardless of time, seven is a pretty decent number …
Dave Winer /
Re: Comment on post 992  —  Editorial: Google diversifies, opportunity for upstarts  —  Prev/Next:  —  1009/1011  —  Reads:  —  984  —  A rough design for RSS integration in search engines....  1. Suppose I search for "Rex Hammock" on (that is …
Mark Glaser / Online Journalism Review:
Is Yahoo public enemy No. 1 for Big Media?  —  Yahoo has always worked closely with media companies.  But as Yahoo News rolls out original content, has Big Media's ally become a challenger?  —  Rare is the moment when a newspaper actually thinks out loud.
Rob Hof / Business Week:
Flock, the New Browser on the Block  —  The latest challenger to Explorer and Firefox aims to beat the big guys by emphasizing blogging, networking, and online communities  —  Web browsers don't look much different than they did a decade ago, when Netscape Communications's initial stock …
Record labels, satellite radio seen in showdown  —  LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The record industry may next aim its legal guns at satellite radio due to a dispute involving new portable players which let listeners record and store songs, an analyst and industry sources said on Wednesday.
Discussion: Copyfight
Google Appoints Shirley M. Tilghman, Ph.D., to its Board of Directors  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - October 5, 2005 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that Shirley M. Tilghman, Princeton University's President and Professor of Molecular Biology, was unanimously elected to join Google's Board of Directors.
Discussion: Infectious Greed
Ryan Naraine /
Nematodes: The Making of 'Beneficial' Network Worms  —  Convinced that businesses will use nonmalicious worms to cut down on network security costs, a high-profile security researcher is pushing ahead with a new framework for creating a "controlled worm" that can be used for beneficial purposes.
Olga Kharif / TechBeat:
Sprint-Nextel vs. Vonage: First Bicker, Then Make Up?  —  I just got done reading a 13-page lawsuit, alleging that Vonage, providing popular VoIP services, infringed on telco Sprint-Nextel's patents.  And I have to say that this is the tiniest, and the least detailed lawsuit I've ever seen.

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