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Sun and Google Expand Technology Reach And Global Opportunity  —  Multi-year, Strategic Agreement Promotes Java Technology and Google Toolbar  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., - October 4, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Google Inc. today announced an agreement to promote and distribute …
Dana Gardner / ZDNet:
Google takes a leisurely stroll through Sun's pantry of goods  —  Open Source Software Infrastructure Hardware Infrastructure Web Technology  —  I can see it now.  Google honcho Eric Schmidt decides to stretch his legs and venture down from Olympus to do some window shopping at his former employer, Sun Microsystems.
Carlo / Techdirt:
Sun Welcomes You To 1999 With Its Google Non-Announcement  —  from the i'm-forever-blowing-bubbles dept.  —  The rumor mill's been working overtime the last few days as hype built up surrounding an announcement from Google and Sun.  Much of the speculation was that they'd announce some type …
Eric Auchard / Reuters:
Sun, Google in software distribution pact
Discussion: Traffick
Matthew Fordahl /   Google, Sun Challenge Microsoft's Office
Stephen Shankland / CNET
Sun and Google shake hands
Discussion: Guardian Unlimited
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Cheap Publicity Ploy
Discussion: Scobleizer
Greg Reinacker / Greg Reinacker's Weblog:
NewsGator acquires NetNewsWire  —  The rumors and stories this morning are true...NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire.  Here's the press release, and a Q&A about the deal.  This is awesome news - we're all very excited about it!  —  The rationale here is similar to what I posted about the FeedDemon deal.
Discussion: Things That and Scripting News
NewsGator acquires NetNewsWire  —  It's true!  NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire and hired me as a product architect!  There's a press release and a Q&A page that go into more detail.  —  You can also read what my co-workers Greg Reinacker and Nick Bradbury have to say.
Elizabeth Millard /
NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire  —  RSS platform company NewsGator Technologies has acquired NetNewsWire, creator of a popular RSS reader for Mac OS X.  —  NewsGator already owns RSS aggregators on Outlook, Windows and Windows Media Center, as well as a Web service.
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Newsgator buys NetNewsWire  —  Update: here is the confirmation.  Existing NetNewsWire full-version customers will receive a free 2-year paid subscription to NewsGator Online.  Yup, good enough reason to switch to NewsGator from Bloglines.  "Synchronization is set to be the killer feature …
Jeff Clavier / Software Only:
The 24 Hour Laundry has closed, and is replaced by Ning  —  Remember the story of the stealth startup that sucked ?  Well, it is now out of stealth mode, and has officially launched as Ning.  From their FAQ: … So after being offered a large number of social media applications …
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Ning, the real 24 Hour Laundry
Discussion: IFTF's Future Now
Red Herring:
Netscape Founder Starts Firm
Discussion: alarm:clock and RatcliffeBlog
Frederico Oliveira / TechCrunch:
Ning launches!  —  Ning, also known as the official name …
Mike / Techdirt:   Build Your Own Social Apps?
Patrick Phillips /
John Battelle: 'Traditional Media Are Fearful of Google and Yahoo'  —  The co-founding editor of Wired and founder of The Industry Standard argues that print as the medium for news delivery is "passing."  That's why he's launching a blog service company.  —  John Battelle, a co-founder …
Kasper Jade /
Apple planning launch of video iPod  —  Apple Computer has begun production of a new version of its iPod digital music player that will be capable of playing videos, AppleInsider has learned.  —  Reliable sources believe the iPod could be introduced as early as next week …
Steve Bass / PC World:
Search Sites Try to Give Instant Answers  —  Figuring out what keywords to use for a Web search has always been a challenge.  And once you get your results, you have to guess which link will have the answer to your question.  Wouldn't it be nice just to type in a regular question and get a direct answer?
Don Dodge / Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing:
Napster - the inside story and lessons for entrepreneurs  —  Napster was a Web 2.0 company back in the 1.0 world.  Here is a glimpse into the inside story of Napster, and at the end, some lessons learned for entrepreneurs.  I was VP of product development at Napster back in the wild days of 2000.
Discussion: The Post Money Value
Joe Wilcox / Microsoft Monitor:
GOOGLE: IT'S NOT ABOUT SEARCH  —  These days, Google seems to be interested in just about everything—portals, search, VoIP, instant messaging, e-mail, photos, blogging, maps, topography, Wi-Fi and NASA, just for starters.  Google's eclectic interests must aggravate Microsoft's competitive analysis folks.
Discussion: Between the Lines

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