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Dan Sabbagh / Times of London:
Music managers tackle Apple over royalty payments  —  MUSIC managers will today wade into the row over online royalties with the claim that bands and solo artists are being unfairly squeezed in the digital era.  —  The Music Managers Forum is unhappy that artists typically receive a royalty …
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Tony Smith / The Register:
Artists' managers, royalty collectors turn on iTunes  —  Having lauded the arrival of legal music download services likes Apple's iTunes for saving it from online piracy, the music industry is now complaining that the digital domain is not sufficiently recompensing artists.
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Susan Kuchinskas /
Next Up: Google Office?  —  There's a Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.  These times must be really interesting for Steve Ballmer.  —  Microsoft's (Quote, Chart) CEO allegedly said he'd crush Google (Quote, Chart), his company's rival in search, and the lucrative ad business it engenders.
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Reading Battelle's book makes me look at the Search  —  I just finished reading John Battelle's The Search.  First, a disclosure.  He sent me the book and even signed it.  So, I'm a bit biased to say something nice about it.  —  I did enjoy it.  Even ignored West Wing, which was on TV.
Ann Harrison / Wired News:
'UnGoogleables' Hide From Search  —  Geri Agalia doesn't appear to leave less of a data trail than most Americans.  She has a phone in her name, a bank account, utility bills, a mortgage and a credit card.  But the stay-at-home mom and part-time student is among a select and ever-shrinking group …
Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 … For this year's list of worst design mistakes, I decided to try something new: I asked readers of my newsletter to nominate the usability problems they found the most irritating.  —  I assumed that asking for reader input would highlight many issues that I hadn't noticed in my own user testing.
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Adam Pasick / Reuters:
Digital music sales surge amid broader decline  —  LONDON (Reuters) - The music industry cheered a tripling of digital music sales in the first half of 2005 that was spurred by mobile phone "ringtunes" and online services and offset persistent declines in overall sales.
USA Today:
Video-laced websites evolve into pseudo-TV stations  —  LOS ANGELES — Don't touch that mouse.  Online news and entertainment video is booming, says market tracker Forrester Research, with video traffic doubling every six to eight months on average at websites that offer sight, sound and motion.
John Consoli /
ABC, CBS and NBC Inch Closer to Launching Entertainment VOD on Cable
Whatshisface / The Post Money Value:
Web 2.0 != a check  —  It's great people are reading my blog before sending me a business plan.  I've gotten a bunch of business plans, podcasts, etc, that I would have otherwise never had a shot at.  I've had over 50 'no harm, no foul' meetings, participated in over 25 meetings with angels, start up groups, and various bar mitzvahs.
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RBuzz / ResearchBuzz:
Yahoo Announces Open Content Alliance  —  I talked to Yahoo about this on the phone last week.  And normally I am a terrible person to give a phone briefing to because I don't say anything.  I just sit there.  Sometimes I have questions but usually I just want to play with the resource a while.
Google, Sun Micro plan announcement  —  Tech giants to unveil 'collaborative effort' on Tuesday  —  SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. and computer maker Sun Microsystems Inc. plan Tuesday to announce a "collaborative effort" in Silicon Valley.  —  Sun issued a media advisory Monday saying …
Elena Malykhina / InformationWeek:
Google's Wireless Plans May Pose Threat To Telecom Companies Oct. 3, 2005
Jeff Clavier / Software Only:
On Web 2.0 Definitions  —  The buzz has been increasing over the past few days on what is Web 2.0, and what it is not.  Om sort of initiated the movement by blogging his answer to a question asked during a dinner conversation.  My own response (at the same dinner) included 3 characteristics …
Jason / A design and usability blog:
Writeboard is live  —  Today we officially announce Writeboard (and here's what it looks like for those visual thinkers).  It's free and available as a standalone hosted web app.  It's also integrated into Backpack if you have a Backpack account.  More on the Backpack integration below.
Brian / Eventful Blog:
A Reponse to Tim O'Reilly's Web 2.0 Article  —  Tim O'Reilly's written an excellent piece attempting to define, once and for all, what the notion of "Web 2.0" means.  —  One very interesting illustration (click link or photo to see full-size), the Web 2.0 "meme map", accompanies the first page of Tim's article.
Joanna Glasner / Wired News:
All That Fizzes Is Not Soda  —  For those who've never tried carbonated yogurt, here's what you can expect:  —  It's a little tart and a little sweet, and bubbles lightly with fruity flavor as it hits your tongue.  People who like regular yogurt will probably find it tasty and also slightly weird …
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