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Brian Benzinger / Solution Watch:
37signals Writeboard for collaborative writing  —  37signals has released Writeboard.  My first impressions?  Meh.  Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with it, but overall, it is a great solution to collaborative writing.  My expectation was to be something more along the lines of Writely …
Yahoo! Search blog:
Announcing the Open Content Alliance  —  From time to time we've invited guest bloggers to write on the Yahoo! Search blog.  Today we welcome Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive.  We asked Brewster if he'd like to introduce the Open Content Alliance.
Dan Farber / ZDNet:
Scobleizing Microsoft's corporate culture  —  Home IT Management Software Infrastructure  —  Who says Microsoft's culture has become too bureaucratic?  Forget about reorgs and hierarchies.  Microsoft's chief blogger Robert Scoble goes directly to the top.  Corporate bloggers take note.
Richard MacManus / Read/Write Web:
Web 2.0 Weekly Wrap-up, 26 Sep - 2 Oct 2005  —  This week: Defining Web 2.0, Web-based office, Yahoo media/tv, Google Wifi, Techie Post of the Week: Tim O'Reilly's What is Web 2.0.  —  sponsored by:  —  Defining Web 2.0  —  A lot of online trees were felled this week to write about what Web 2.0 means.
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Yahoo! Played a Key Role in McDonald's Fake Blog Campaign  —  Remember McDonald's phony Lincoln Fry blog?  Well, according to MediaPost (third story down) the umbrella Lincoln Fry campaign (TV/online) was successful and the fake blog played a big role in it.  What's more, Yahoo had a major hand in it as well.
Jill Goldsmith /
Spark lights a capital fuse  —  Industryites create financial fund  —  A team of longtime showbiz industryites, including former Lions Gate, Sony and Turner exec Dennis Miller, has launched a venture capital firm called Spark Capital.  —  Firm said it will direct its $260 million under management …
Discussion: and ben barren
Los Angeles Times:
This Just in: Flops Caused Box Office Slump  —  Studio execs who pinned problems on factors beyond their control now take responsibility.  —  One of Hollywood's basic tenets is that when things go wrong it's somebody else's fault.  —  Which is why it's so startling, suddenly …
Discussion: Techdirt
Michael Liedtke / Associated Press:
Google Bids to Provide WiFi in San Fran  —  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Google Inc. (GOOG) wants to connect all of San Francisco to the Internet with a free wireless service, creating a springboard for the online search engine leader to leap into the telecommunications industry.
RBuzz / ResearchBuzz:
RSS Feeds to Newsletters and Specializing the Feed  —  I got a very nice e-mail from a lady in Australia asking how the ResearchBuzz newsletters were done.  Did I have a method, she asked, of converting my RSS feed to a newsletter?  —  The answer to that is no; the newsletter is done separately …
Chris Anderson / The Long Tail:
BUSINESS BLOGGING != EXECUTIVE BLOGGING  —  Another example of creeping "headism": Stephen Baker at Business Week warns that "The business blog backlash is nigh". … I fully agree that it's hard to imagine many CEOs keeping up a decent blog for long.  Not only do they not have the time …
The Value in Volume  —  How did you buy software a couple decades ago (for those old enough to remember)?  —  You went to your local retailer (or back then, they sent a sales rep), you bought a box, with a manual, 20 floppy disks, and a heavy carton.  As a software company …
Elinor Mills / CNET
Yahoo to digitize public domain books  —  Yahoo is launching a library-digitization project to rival Google's controversial program.  —  Yahoo is working with the Internet Archive, the University of California and others on a project to digitize books in archives around the world …
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Ray Beckerman / Recording Industry vs The People:
Oregon RIAA Victim Fights Back; Sues RIAA for Electronic Trespass, Violations of Computer Fraud & Abuse, Invasion of Privacy, RICO, Fraud  —  ATLANTIC V. ANDERSEN  —  This is the case peer-to-peer file sharers have been waiting for.  Tanya Andersen, a 41 year old disabled single mother living in Oregon …
Mary Jo Foley /
Microsoft to Build PDF Support Into Office 12  —  The software kingpin also is releasing pre-Beta 1 Office 12 bits to some of its Most Valuable Professionals.  —  Microsoft will build into its forthcoming Office 12 desktop suite a "save to PDF" capability, according to Office program manager Brian Jones.

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