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Yahoo! News:
Motorola CEO: 'Screw the nano'  —  Apple Computer's newest MP3 player, the iPod nano, is receiving rave reviews and analy sts believe the device will solidify Apple's dominance in the competitive MP3 player market for at least another year.  However, not everyone praises the device …
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Saul Hansell / New York Times:
Microsoft plans to sell search ads of its own  —  Microsoft will unveil Monday its own system for selling Web advertising as it struggles to compete with Google and Yahoo in the expanding Web search business.  The system, to be used by MSN, is meant to improve on those of Microsoft's rivals …
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Google Video Gets Flashy  —  One post about Google Video deserves another. (-:  —  A Google spokesperson has confirmed what we first learned via a InsideGoogle post over the weekend that reports you'll no longer need to download and use the Google Video Viewer to watch streaming content from the Google Video database.
PR Newswire:
UPN and Google to Offer Streaming Video of 'EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS' Premiere  —  LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/ — In a first for both companies, UPN and Google will exclusively screen the critically-acclaimed series premiere of EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS for four days on Google Video beginning today …
Discussion: David Card
Zachary Rodgers / ClickZ:
PubSub to Measure Blog Influence by Category  —  PubSub is today expected to unleash a new site ranking tool, called LinkRanks, that measures the "strength, persistence, and vitality" of links pointing to and from a given Web site.  —  Additionally, PubSub has begun an effort to compile lists …
The Power of Defaults … How gullible are Web users?  Sadly, the answer seems to be "very."  —  Professor Thorsten Joachims and colleagues at Cornell University conducted a study of search engines.  Among other things, their study examined the links users followed on the SERP (search engine results page).
Matt Reed / Wired News:
IPod Maps Draw Legal Threats  —  Transit officials in New York and San Francisco have launched a copyright crackdown on a website offering free downloadable subway maps designed to be viewed on the iPod.  — is the home of iPod-sized maps of nearly two dozen different …
Jon's Radio:
A channel changer for the Bloglines river of news  —  Blog readers offer two basic navigational styles.  There's the two- or three-pane format that's also commonly used in mail clients, and then there's what Dave Winer has called the river of news format, where everything appears in one scrollable view.
Solar handbag lights up contents  —  The contents of a woman's handbag have long remained a mystery - often even to the owner - but a new design offers to shine a light on the problem.  —  A solar-powered handbag designed by a student from Brunel University promises to make finding keys and other items at the bottom of a bag easier.
Global usage share MSN Search has slightly increased according to  —  Amsterdam - September 26 2005 - (, the number one provider of on demand intelligence web analytics, today reported that MSN Search's global usage share has slightly increased …
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Gary Krakow / MSNBC:
Two strange bedfellows, one new smart phone  —  Microsoft, Palm team up, but stay mum on some details  —  The new Treo, which resembles the current 650, doesn't officially have a model number yet.  —  FREE VIDEO  —  • Unlikely alliance  —  Sept. 26: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates …
Joseph Weisenthal / The Stalwart:
Metcalfe's Law, Reed's Law Revisited: Questioning new Valuation Models  —  Something tells me that some of today's venture capitalists aren't going to get a great return on their dollars.  —  This is based on two observations.  1)The stock market, a few IPOs notwithstanding …
Discussion: A VC

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