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Zachary Rodgers / ClickZ:
PubSub to Measure Blog Influence by Category  —  PubSub is today expected to unleash a new site ranking tool, called LinkRanks, that measures the "strength, persistence, and vitality" of links pointing to and from a given Web site.  —  Additionally, PubSub has begun an effort to compile lists …
Matt Reed / Wired News:
IPod Maps Draw Legal Threats  —  Transit officials in New York and San Francisco have launched a copyright crackdown on a website offering free downloadable subway maps designed to be viewed on the iPod.  — is the home of iPod-sized maps of nearly two dozen different …
Discussion: Techdirt
Clive Thompson / Wired News:
Gamers Get a Hollywood Makeover  —  Halfway through The 40 Year Old Virgin is a thoroughly remarkable scene.  It's got nothing to do with first-time sex, though.  No, it's about gaming: David and Cal, two of the virgin's twenty-something slacker friends, are sitting in his apartment playing Mortal Kombat: Deception.
Discussion: Kotaku
Steve Gillmor / ZDNet:
Blogosfear  —  It's amazing how quickly we settle into a notion of what's the right thing to do.  Take the crisis over newspaper business models.  As my brother and the Cluetrain brothers have lamented, the newspaper business is on the decline.  The Times and Knight Ridder have announced significant cuts …
Discussion: Scripting News and ben barren
The Doc Searls Weblog:
Read THIS and try to see TV the same way again.  Or even blogging.  —  Dig Get Out of My Face, by Brian Oberkirch, whose Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog is an online port in both literal and media storms.  Follow the links to Aaron Broussard's transcendant humanity as a guest on Russert.  Brian:
Discussion: ben barren, MSNBC and Scripting News
Steven Levy / Newsweek:
eBay's Bet: The Skype's the Limit  —  Oct. 3, 2005 issue - When I talked to Meg Whitman last week, we used plain old telephones.  But since both of us belong to the 54 million-member Skype community—a global society one joins simply by signing up to use that company's voice over Internet protocol …
Andrew Orlowski / The Register:
Microsoft: beating itself back to health?  —  It's masochism fortnight at Redmond!  —  Microsoft's PR campaign of self-flagellation continues - with senior executives offering the Wall Street Journal's Rob Guth an account of why Windows Vista will arrive so late and so incomplete.
Discussion: Shanti A. Braford and digg
Michael / michael parekh on IT:
ON TYPEPAD'S NEW TIP JAR FEATURE  —  From time to time I've both praised and criticized the hosting software and service this blog is based on, Typepad.  —  In general, the company has done a terrific job coping with dramatic growth in users (bloggers and "blogees"—readers of blogs) …
Discussion: Mark Evans
China sets new rules on Internet news  —  BEIJING (Reuters) - China set new regulations on Internet news content on Sunday, widening a campaign of controls it has imposed on other Web sites, such as discussion groups.  —  "The state bans the spreading of any news with content …
Tor /
Switching... Again  —  Scoble said Russel's thinking of switching back.  I just finished switching last night.  —  You see, I love OS X, and I think it's a better operating system than Windows XP.  It has a better permissions model, way cleaner UI (mostly), better looks, and better UNIX interop.
MSN Launches Paid-Search Service in France and Singapore  —  In-depth audience intelligence helps advertisers turn consumer clicks into connections.  —  NEW YORK — Sept. 26, 2005 — Today, Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of the MSN® Information Services & Merchant Platform division …
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Soccer Moms Out, Mouse Moms In  —  Broadband is changing family lives for the better.  A recent research report by UK-based Demos (conducted for AOL UK) says that the fastest growing demographic on the Internet are women.  Between 2000 and 2005, the proportion of women online rose from 39% to 63% …
Discussion: broadband
Jeremy Watson / Scotsman:   'Mousewives' drive the net revolution
Michael Stoll /
Mercury News plans to shrink newsroom by 52 jobs  —  16% reduction ends week of newspaper industry buyouts and layoffs;  —  Cuts are 'painful,' says editor, but the paper will survive  —  The San Jose Mercury News said Friday that it would reduce its staff by 60, including 52 in the newsroom …

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