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Jay Lyman /
How will Linux be leveraged in next-gen supercomputers?  —  Linux is at the top of the world's Top 500 List of World's Fastest Supercomputers, but does it have what it takes to stay there?  —  IBM and the United States stole the top slot last November when the BlueGene/L system running Linux …
Discussion: Smart Mobs
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
A quick report from the Company Meeting  —  I just got back from Microsoft's Company Meeting.  My first "real" meeting.  This is the one they hold in a local baseball stadium with 10s of thousands of employees.  The sheer scale of Microsoft is impressive.  Knowing that probably only 1 out 4 employees are even at the stadium.
John / Microsoft Weblog:
Post Microsoft Company Meeting  —  The great British economist, John Maynard Keynes, said, "When facts change, I change my mind.  What do you do?"  —  Talking of changing your tune, Who d'aPunk of Mini-Microsoft blog has this to say about Microsoft's Company Meeting : … Has Dr Who morphed into Robert Scoble?
Preston Gralla / O'Reilly Network:
Does Vista Really Matter?  —  Microsoft will ultimately spend many hundreds of millions of dollars developing and marketing Vista in a bet-the-farm strategy on the new operating system.  —  Unasked is the question: Does Vista really matter?  —  The real danger to Microsoft …
Discussion: Scobleizer
Red Herring:
Bronfman Fires Back at Apple  —  The duet between Apple and the music industry struck a sour note as the industry takes aim at Steve Jobs.  —  The gloves are off in the battle between Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the music industry over the price of downloaded songs.
Rich Ziade / BASEMENT.ORG:
Google Video Goes Flash  —  I just stumbled on this and don't know how long this has been the case.  It looks like Google Video is using Flash to deliver video (exclusively, from what I can gather).  —  This makes a lot of sense because Flash can deliver high quality video without any sort of media player download.
Discussion: InsideGoogle
Have your say on the News Messageboard Office blunders caused by computer jargon  —  Office workers are baffled by computer jargon and make serious business blunders because they see 'IT speak' as a foreign language, a survey has revealed.  —  Among office workers 26% aren't sure …
Official Google Blog:
It's a coders' world - we just live in it  —  Last year we thought we hit it big when 7,500 software coders from all over competed for top prizes in our annual Google Code Jam.  We didn't know what "big" was until this year's competition, which concluded today.
Discussion: Silicon Valley Sleuth and Ego Food
Gizmodo, The Gadget blog:
Step Right Up For Gizmodo Comments  —  One of the best things about Gizmodo is that it is self-correcting.  In those extremely rare instances when I get something wrong, say eight times per day, a smarter and often more foul-mouthed reader sends a tip to set the record straight.
Discussion: Blog Tips and
Dan / PSP Sony PlayStation Portable:
2.0 Overflow Found and Working  —  We have received an email from someone named 'foo bar' with a file made by unknown, which allows a buffer overflow to be run via the photos menu in Sony PSP firmware v2.0.  Although it is not currently possible to run homebrew code with this exploit, the door is wide open for the future.
Discussion: Gizmodo and Gadgetophile
CHAPTER 1 - MORNING APRIL FOOLS DAY 2003 - EPISODE 3  —  Interview of Donna Langhorne by Detective Cohen (continued)  —  Q: When was the last time you saw the deceased alive?  —  A: When I left the office last night.  His office door was closed but I could hear him talking on the phone.
Nick Farrell / Inquirer:
Google branches out into television  —  Search me why  —  GOOGLE is apparently branching out into television.  —  A few bloggers have apparently seen an advertisement for a full time project manager for GoogleTV in Mountain View.  —  According to the blogs the job called …
Discussion: Engadget

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