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Arik Hesseldahl / Business Week:
Unpeeling Apple's Nano  —  Researcher iSupply took a look inside the latest iPod to find out how much Apple is making off it and who supplies its parts  —  Rumors swirled for weeks that Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs had a product up his sleeve that would upstage the long-awaited ROKR music-playing phone.
Tom's Hardware Guide:
Material cost of iPod nano estimated around $90  —  Apple is known for wrapping fancy covers around very economically produced products, so it may not be too surprising when the company also achieves a substantial profit margin on its latest portable audio player, iPod nano.
Discussion: Engadget
Robert X. Cringely /
Google Goes Las Vegas  —  An AdWords Experiment Shows Why at Google, the House Always Wins  —  Google is in the news everywhere lately.  They are filching executives from Microsoft, and Microsoft is conveniently forgetting how Redmond did the same and worse to Borland.
Discussion: Techdirt and Adrants
Jenstar / JenSense:
Enhanced AdSense interface launched on Blogger  —  Blogger has just launched a new AdSense interface for bloggers on the Google Blogger/BlogSpot network, announced today on the official Blogger Buzz.  —  It features a new tab within the control panel where bloggers can sign up for AdSense …
Vonage weighs up possible sale  —  Move comes amid plans for IPO  —  NEW YORK - Vonage, the private internet telephony start-up, is being encouraged to consider a sale while it presses ahead with plans for an initial public offering.  —  UBS and Deutsche Bank, the investment banks chosen …
Discussion: Broadband and Techdirt
Earthlink Joins VOIP Parade
Discussion: VoIP Watch
Microsoft's nightmare inches closer to reality  —  As early as May 1995, three months before Netscape Communications' initial public offering sparked the dot-com boom, Microsoft executives were worried that the nascent World Wide Web could one day become a significant threat to the Windows franchise.
Discussion: Between the Lines and
Wolfgang Gruener / Tom's Hardware Guide:
Vista graphics drivers to be more stable than XP drivers, ATI says  —  San Francisco (CA) - Graphics drivers developed for Vista, Microsoft's next generation operating system, will be far more stable than their Windows XP-based counterparts, and not crash the operating system anymore …
Exclusive.  New PDAs by Palm - full information and photos  —  Officially, new Palm models are to be announced on the 12 of October 2005.  Following its tradition the company of Palm tries to launch new models in the beginning of October.  So, Palm Tungsten T was officially launched on the 1 …
Technology News, Science News:
Google's Lackluster Blog Search  —  The long-awaited tool is fast and sorts by relevance.  But it misses results and lets in too much spam  —  EDITOR'S REVIEW  —  THE GOOD Lets users pick between most relevant and most recent blogs.  And it's fast  —  THE BAD Doesn't provide complete results, and includes too many spam blogs
Si_man /
Setting Up And Running Kde And Xfree86 With Fink  —  This simple guide will go over the basics of setting up and running KDE on MacOSX.  —  First a simple introduction.  —  What is KDE?  —  KDE stands for the K Desktop environment.  —  KDE is a graphical user interface much like OSX or Windows …
Headlines You Never Read  —  If I Could Talk With the Animals  —  Deconstructing the Conversation (Part 2)  —  Two's company.  —  If you and I wish to have a conversation, it's a relatively straightforward affair.  I can speak for myself, and you can presumably speak for yourself.
Russell / MobHappy:
Mobile Manga  —  When an industry starts to change, it's like a large tree being felled.  It starts off imperceptibly, but rapidly accelerates until it comes crashing down.  As an example, the world's first camera phone was only launched in Japan in November 2002.
Bill Day / MediaPost Publications:
Behavioral Must Behave  —  OUR INDUSTRY HAS ALREADY WRESTED a significant share of the pie from old-school, demographically driven media by touting targeting technologies that deliver the future of advertising today.  So let's admit how far we really are from delivering on that promise.
Authors sue Google over book plan  —  A US writers' group is suing internet search engine Google, claiming that its plan to digitise major library book collections infringes author copyright.  —  The Authors Guild has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.
Guardian:   Jamie Wilson in Washington

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