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Six Apart Ups the Ante for Weblogging  —  PROJECT COMET, PREVIEWED AT DEMO FALL, AIMS TO BRING WEBLOGGING INTO THE MAINSTREAM WITH ADVANCED EASE OF USE, RICH FEATURES AND FINE-GRAINED PRIVACY  —  San Francisco, CA— September 22, 2005 — A new platform for weblogging, intended …
Chris Pratley / Chris_Pratley's OneNote WebLog:
More OneNote 12 Goodness  —  I thought I would discuss a few new capabilities of "OneNote 12" that I think many current users are dying to see appear.  Certainly each of these has appeared many times in our newsgroups and in our suggestion lists in the OneNote community site.
Discussion: jkOnTheRun
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Search Engine Blogs as Public Relations Tools  —  Search Engine Blogs as Public Relations Tools  —  Blogs are used for various reasons including reporting news, communicating with specific groups of readers, and as Mark Cuban may tell you, spamming.  With millions of active blogs …
Susannah Cullinane / BBC:
The old new  —  Why should a transistor radio from 1954 be causing a buzz online?  Could it be part of a realisation that, amid talk of invention, no novelty is completely new?  —  The Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes has a few words to say about novelty, fashion and innovation.
Technology News, Science News:
Google's Lackluster Blog Search  —  The long-awaited tool is fast and sorts by relevance.  But it misses results and lets in too much spam  —  EDITOR'S REVIEW  —  THE GOOD Lets users pick between most relevant and most recent blogs.  And it's fast  —  THE BAD Doesn't provide complete results, and includes too many spam blogs
Cyrus Farivar / Wired News:
Goof Lets Times' Content Go Free  —  On Monday, The New York Times introduced the first paid section of its online version.  In less than 24 hours, someone found a way around the TimesSelect paid subscription service.  —  Never Pay Retail was created on the same day that TimesSelect began.
Dick / Burning Questions:
PingShot: Speedy Content Distribution for Everybody  —  If you use FeedBurner, we now provide a service that notifies aggregators, search engines, and directories about your content updates as quickly as possible.  When you use the new PingShot service, we will 'ping' a collection of services …
Dan Ilett /
Mobile phone virus claims are "bonkers", says Sophos  —  Chances of infection are low...  Antivirus firm Sophos has slammed a competitor's claims that it found the world's first "serious" mobile phone virus.  —  Earlier this month, F-Secure was questioned over hyping mobile phone viruses in a bid to sell antivirus products.
Exclusive.  New PDAs by Palm - full information and photos  —  Officially, new Palm models are to be announced on the 12 of October 2005.  Following its tradition the company of Palm tries to launch new models in the beginning of October.  So, Palm Tungsten T was officially launched on the 1 …
Discussion: Engadget and Digital Tech Life
Cameron / overstated:
Goodbye MIT, hello Yahoo!  —  This message has been a long time in the coming, but thanks to the ubiquity of the internet I've been outed.  Sometime in late august I turned in a final draft of my thesis which afforded me this wonderful scrap of paper:  —  Since I won't technically …
Tom Coates / is a weblog:
A response to the rhetoric of weblog marketing...  The story so far... Ben Metcalfe takes a vague swipe at the Stormhoek wine that Hugh MacLeod is marketing through the blogosphere.  The approach Hugh is taking is to offer free bottles of the wine to webloggers on the understanding …
Bill Day / MediaPost Publications:
Behavioral Must Behave  —  OUR INDUSTRY HAS ALREADY WRESTED a significant share of the pie from old-school, demographically driven media by touting targeting technologies that deliver the future of advertising today.  So let's admit how far we really are from delivering on that promise.
Official Google Blog:
New, improved, and out of beta  —  After two months in beta we are officially releasing our Firefox Toolbar with a couple of nifty Firefox-only features.  One of these is the addition of Google Suggest, which shows useful query suggestions as you type in the Toolbar search box.

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