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Susannah Cullinane / BBC:
The old new  —  Why should a transistor radio from 1954 be causing a buzz online?  Could it be part of a realisation that, amid talk of invention, no novelty is completely new?  —  The Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes has a few words to say about novelty, fashion and innovation.
Peter Rojas / Engadget:
The Palm Treo 700w (aka Treo 670) - Exclusive first look!  —  Check it out: we got our hands on the new Windows Mobile-powered Treo, but it ain't called the Treo 670 anymore (if it even ever was called that), it's the Treo 700w (which implies—but doesn't guarantee—the existence of a Palm-powered Treo 700p).
Mena / About Six Apart:
Mena Trott's Mom  —  Last night we got back from DEMO Fall 2005 where we introduced "Project Comet," our code name for the technologies we're building to be the next generation of weblogging offerings from Six Apart.  Apart from the excitement of finally introducing and announcing something we've …
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Bob Cauthorn / Rebuilding Media:
Newspapers, meet precipice: It's the product, stupid  —  They call it Black Tuesday at the New York Times and Boston Globe where the layoffs come because the margins are squeezed.  —  The don't even have a name for the buy-outs at the defiantly anti-margin San Francisco Chronicle …
HiTi Dazzle S400 photo printer  —  HiTi Dazzle S400 photo printer : With the introduction of Dazzle S400, HiTi has added a new chapter to its impressive list of achievements and re-asserted itself as the leader in digital photo printing technology.  People will definitely be stunned …
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Mike Musgrove / Washington Post:
Retailers Win Foothold in Digital Photos
Discussion: Gizmodo
Chris Pratley / Chris_Pratley's OneNote WebLog:
More OneNote 12 Goodness  —  I thought I would discuss a few new capabilities of "OneNote 12" that I think many current users are dying to see appear.  Certainly each of these has appeared many times in our newsgroups and in our suggestion lists in the OneNote community site.
Discussion: jkOnTheRun
Dick / Burning Questions:
PingShot: Speedy Content Distribution for Everybody  —  If you use FeedBurner, we now provide a service that notifies aggregators, search engines, and directories about your content updates as quickly as possible.  When you use the new PingShot service, we will 'ping' a collection of services …
Brian Krebs / Security Fix:
Exploit Released for Firefox, Netscape Flaw  —  Computer code that could let attackers take complete control over computers cruising the Web with unpatched versions of the Firefox Internet browser has been released, so if you're using Firefox and haven't upgraded to the latest version, do it now.
Cyrus Farivar / Wired News:
Goof Lets Times' Content Go Free  —  On Monday, The New York Times introduced the first paid section of its online version.  In less than 24 hours, someone found a way around the TimesSelect paid subscription service.  —  Never Pay Retail was created on the same day that TimesSelect began.
Discussion: alarm:clock and Smart Mobs
Adam L. Penenberg / Wired News:
Can Bloggers Strike It Rich?  —  When it comes to the profit potential of blogs, Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, calls himself a skeptic.  —  It's a surprisingly pessimistic perspective coming from the Brit who has launched a network of 13 theme blogs — including Fleshbot (porn) …
David Weinberger / Joho the Blog:
[berkman] Susan Crawford on One Web Day  —  "The popular myth is that the Internet was bult to withstand a nuclear attack, but it may not withstand the depredations of the telcos and cablecos."  —  Her idea: A year from today, we have an Earth Day for the Internet.  No particular political agenda.
Greg Linden / Geeking with Greg:
Findory RSS reader, part II  —  Findory just finished adding a Bloglines-like feed reader to our personalized news site.  It is available on our My Favorites page.  —  Like most RSS readers, you can import any RSS feed and any OPML list of feeds.  You also can easily import your entire list …
David Berlind / ZDNet:
Shouldn't Google Alerts include blogs?  —  In an attempt to stay abreast of all things Windows Vista on the Web (for our Vistulations blog), I've established a Google Alert to keep an eye on the Web.  Or so I thought.  Google's alerts, as it turns out, don't cover blogs.

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