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Bob Cauthorn / Rebuilding Media:
Newspapers, meet precipice: It's the product, stupid  —  They call it Black Tuesday at the New York Times and Boston Globe where the layoffs come because the margins are squeezed.  —  The don't even have a name for the buy-outs at the defiantly anti-margin San Francisco Chronicle …
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Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
It's not the platform, redux  —  The minute I hit "publish" on the post below (and what an anachronistic verb that is, eh?), I started reading Bob Cauthorn's screed on the future or lack thereof for newspapers.  We're singing in harmony.  After predicting that large papers in the U.S …
Adrian Strain /
Digital File Check is a new software tool that helps people to clean up their computers and avoid illegal file-sharing  —  A new campaign, endorsed by international business, calls on employers to stop copyright theft in the workplace  —  London, 22 September 2005 - Music fans who want be safe …
Discussion: Boing Boing and Techdirt
Music sites caving to pressure from labels? … Popular file-sharing site ceased operating and the New York office of another,, appeared to be closed, in the continuing legal fallout among underworld peer-to-peer music services, industry sources and users said Wednesday.
Adam / BLADAM:
GoogleTV - undoubtedly a boon for consumers, but...  GoogleTV is coming. … Is Tivo quaking in their boots?  And will Hollywood embrace or fear the upcoming empowerment of consumers?  —  Historically, even when it's been in the entertainment industry's long-term best interests …
Peter Rojas / Engadget:
The Palm Treo 700w (aka Treo 670) - Exclusive first look!  —  Check it out: we got our hands on the new Windows Mobile-powered Treo, but it ain't called the Treo 670 anymore (if it even ever was called that), it's the Treo 700w (which implies—but doesn't guarantee—the existence of a Palm-powered Treo 700p).
Faultline / The Register:
How Microsoft can 'kill' Google  —  When Steve Ballmer yelled at a departing Microsoft employee that he would "kill Google" we had no idea just how direct a method he had in mind.  Buying all or part of AOL may be the first part of the master plan, as Google relies heavily on the advertising pages …
Discussion: SearchViews and Fast Company Now
Adam L. Penenberg / Wired News:
Can Bloggers Strike It Rich?  —  When it comes to the profit potential of blogs, Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, calls himself a skeptic.  —  It's a surprisingly pessimistic perspective coming from the Brit who has launched a network of 13 theme blogs — including Fleshbot (porn) …
Greg Linden / Geeking with Greg:
Findory RSS reader, part II  —  Findory just finished adding a Bloglines-like feed reader to our personalized news site.  It is available on our My Favorites page.  —  Like most RSS readers, you can import any RSS feed and any OPML list of feeds.  You also can easily import your entire list …
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David Weinberger / Joho the Blog:
[berkman] Susan Crawford on One Web Day  —  "The popular myth is that the Internet was bult to withstand a nuclear attack, but it may not withstand the depravations of the telcos and cablecos."  —  Her idea: A year from today, we have an Earth Day for the Internet.  No particular political agenda.
Declan McCullagh / CNET
NSA granted Net location-tracking patent  —  The National Security Agency has obtained a patent on a method of figuring out an Internet user's geographic location.  —  Patent 6,947,978, granted Tuesday, describes a way to discover someone's physical location by comparing it to a "map" of Internet addresses with known locations.
Charlie Demerjian / Inquirer:
Intel to dump numbering scheme, start new one  —  And there will be a contest  —  INTEL IS ABOUT TO DO a very good thing and dump its currently rancid naming scheme.  But the problem is that the next one makes little, if any sense more.  —  The old new one, seemingly designed to confuse people …
Discussion: Forever Geek and Engadget

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