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Ephraim Schwartz / InfoWorld:
Gadgets and gizmos add spark to Demo Fall 05  —  From keyboards to VoIP, technology keeps changing  —  HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — What would Demo Fall 05, the now bi-annual conference for the introduction of new products and services, be if it didn't have its share of gadgets and gizmos …
Buzz Bruggeman / buzznovation:
There is nothing like a live Demo at Demo...
Faultline / The Register:
How Microsoft can 'kill' Google  —  When Steve Ballmer yelled at a departing Microsoft employee that he would "kill Google" we had no idea just how direct a method he had in mind.  Buying all or part of AOL may be the first part of the master plan, as Google relies heavily on the advertising pages …
Discussion: SearchViews
Adrian Strain /
Digital File Check is a new software tool that helps people to clean up their computers and avoid illegal file-sharing  —  A new campaign, endorsed by international business, calls on employers to stop copyright theft in the workplace  —  London, 22 September 2005 - Music fans who want be safe …
Discussion: Techdirt and Boing Boing
Hugh Macleod / gapingvoid:
CRAPPY WINE  —  "Socialised Media" apparachik, BBC employee Ben Metcalfe calls Stormhoek "crappy". … Give me a break.  It never occurs to Ben, the bloggers could have shredded the wine to pieces just as easily.  He doesn't mention that.  —  What frustrates Ben about the Stormhoek meme, I suspect, is that it's actually working.
Hui-yong Yu / Bloomberg:
Microsoft, Google Millionaires Bulldoze a New Aspen in Montana  —  Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) — Inside the Bulldog Saloon in Whitefish, Montana, hangs a sign that declares, ``This Ain't No Country Club.'' Tell that to the Internet millionaires in the backroom.  —  Regulars who gather …
Discussion: Dealflow and The Stalwart
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Diller Says Ask Jeeves Will Rebrand as  —  Thanks to SearchViews and SEOBook for pointing us to The article: Diller Sacks the Butler.  It reports on comments made today by IAC/InterActive CEO, Barry Dillerm about the future of one of his newest employees, Mr. Jeeves.
Adam / BLADAM:
GoogleTV - undoubtedly a boon for consumers, but...  GoogleTV is coming. … Is Tivo quaking in their boots?  And will Hollywood embrace or fear the upcoming empowerment of consumers?  —  Historically, even when it's been in the entertainment industry's long-term best interests …
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Google WiFi Client Explained  —  Following my previous post, a lot of you (thanks!) sent me information about where all you were using the client.  Given the different locations, I guess this is "general availablity" for now.  A dozen of you sent me some special thoughts.
Discussion: business2blog and EuroTelcoblog
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Google Made Opera Browser Free  —  A couple of months ago, I had a chance to interview Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive officer and co-founder of Oslo-based Opera Software, for Business 2.0 Titans of Tech series.  What attracted me the most about his company was that it had customers paying for something …
Discussion: Techdirt and Netcraft
Adam L. Penenberg / Wired News:
Can Bloggers Strike It Rich?  —  When it comes to the profit potential of blogs, Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, calls himself a skeptic.  —  It's a surprisingly pessimistic perspective coming from the Brit who has launched a network of 13 theme blogs — including Fleshbot (porn) …
Discussion: The Blog Herald
Official Google Blog:
Putting crowd wisdom to work  —  At Google, we're constantly trying to find new ways to organize the world's information, including information relevant to our business.  Building on the ideas of Friedrich Hayek and the Iowa Electronic Markets, a few Googlers (Doug Banks, Patri Friedman …
Financial Times:
Vonage weighs up possible sale  —  Vonage, the private internet telephony start-up, is being encouraged to consider a sale while it presses ahead with plans for an initial public offering.  —  UBS and Deutsche Bank, the investment banks chosen by Vonage to underwrite its stock market listing …

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Telling You What You Like  —  'Preference engines' track …
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