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Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
GOOGLE PULLS THE OTHER LEG WITH SECURE ACCESS  —  Following the Web Accelerator debacle, Google wants another crack at your entire internet traffic.  This time, its through the Google Secure Access client.  —  Located at, GSA connects you to a Google-run Virtual Private Network.
Adam Pasick / Reuters:   Google plans own WiFi service: Web site
TGS 2005: No more Metal Gear for Kojima?  —  Director reveals his plans to leave series after MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots; series illustrator also exiting.  —  TOKYO—Director Hideo Kojima is retiring from the Metal Gear series...again.  During an event at Konami's booth at the Tokyo Game Show today …
Discussion: Joystiq and Kotaku
Rob Fahey /
TGS: Kojima states PS3 loyalty with new MGS4 trailer; Moore responds
Discussion: Joystiq
GameSpot:   TGS 2005: Kirby creator to make Metal Gear Solid 5?
How We'll Get Back to the Moon  —  Before the end of the next decade, NASA astronauts will again explore the surface of the moon.  And this time, we're going to stay, building outposts and paving the way for eventual journeys to Mars and beyond.  There are echoes of the iconic images of the past …
Discussion: greg hughes, Metafilter and
Global PR Blog Week 2.0:
Adding Your Voice to the Conversation.  Why CEOs Should Blog  —  By Jeneane D. Sessum, The Content Factor |  Just how taxing is it to be one of today's chief executive officers?  Most are on call, in one form or another, nearly 24 hours a day.  According to an article in the Pocket Manager …
Feel Free: Opera Eliminates Ad Banner and Licensing Fee  —  Opera Software today permanently removed the ad banner and licensing fee from its award-winning Web browser.  The ad-free, full-featured Opera browser is now available for download - completely free of charge - at
Discussion: TechBlog and
John Leyden / The Register:
Firefox and Mac security sanctuaries 'under attack'  —  Symantec has attacked the perceived security advantages of Firefox and Apple Macs by drawing unfavourable comparisons with Microsoft's software and describing Mac fans as living in a "false paradise".  According to the latest edition …
Paul Thurrott /
Microsoft Windows Vista Build 5219 (Community Technical Preview 1) Review  —  As promised, Microsoft delivered an interim build of Windows Vista—build 5219—to attendees of the Professional Developers Conference (PDC 2005) in mid-September 2005.  That build, which later went …
Discussion: TechSpot
The Doc Searls Weblog:
This is weird.  Worse, it's sad and bad for Google.  —  I can see keeping discussions "off the record" in embargoed or NDA'd conditions, where product plans are being disclosed.  Also where the context is meetings with customers.  Those conditions are well understood by everybody, and have been for decades.
Merlin / 43 Folders:
Writing sensible email messages  —  As we've seen before, getting your inbound email under control will give you a huge productivity boost, but what about all the emails you send?  If you want to be a good email citizen and ensure the kind of results you're looking for …
Discussion: Boing Boing and Lifehacker
Global PR Blog Week 2.0:
Surprising Partners: Adding Blogs to an Existing Non-Profit Community  —  by Nancy White (Full Circle Associates) and Lee LeFever (Common Craft)  —  In 2004, the March of Dimes created a new online community to support their mission to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.
Derek Caney / Reuters:
Baidu ordered to halt music downloading service  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) - Chinese Internet search engine Inc. <BIDU.OQ> on Monday said a Beijing court ordered the company to stop providing music downloading services as part of a copyright infringement suit brought by Shanghai Busheng Music Culture Media Co.
Danc / Lost Garden:
Nintendo's Genre Innovation Strategy: Thoughts on the Revolution's new controller  —  I'm still jet lagged from my recent trip overseas, but I managed to stay awake for the new Nintendo controller announcement.  I must say that I'm feeling like an excited Japanese school boy waiting in line for the latest Dragon Quest.
Jason Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
Ask Jason  —  I got a ton of great questions on my last post, and I answered them ask quickly and in as much details as I could in the comment form.  My experience in running a transparent Web 2.0 company (dang, that sounds really wonky) is that at the end of the day (or "net net" …

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Steve / AlacraBlog:
The Alacra Wiki  —  Today we are launching the Alacra Wiki.
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Business Week:
Skype's "Aha!" Experience
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Ryan Block / Engadget:
Blu-ray vs HD DVD: State of the sUnion/s Division
Matt Marshall / SiliconBeat:
Katrina's lesson: We need an "Intelligrid"
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Julian Bond thinks Windows Vista will be the downfall of Microsoft
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Google's Now Promoting Gmail on Google Home Page
Elinor Mills /
Google to bid on AOL?
Danny / Danny Ayers, Raw Blog:
Wrong heel  —  I wasn't going to post this, which I typed last night.
Susan Getgood / Marketing Roadmaps:
Hurricane Katrina Relief, HP Charity Auction, American Red Cross and DATA

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Ellie Gibson /
Microsoft pledges annual price cuts for 360
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Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
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