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Doug Mohney / Inquirer:
Anti-Skype software kills IM, P2P too  —  Bandwidth bandsaw released  —  LAST WEEK, Verso Technologies ( announced the rollout of a "carrier-grade applications filter" that can block so-called bandwidth drains such as Skype, P2P messaging, streaming media, and instant messaging.
Verso Launches NetSpective® 2. Enterprise …
Discussion: EuroTelcoblog
Danny / Danny Ayers, Raw Blog:
Wrong heel  —  I wasn't going to post this, which I typed last night.  I hadn't really covered some of the bits I wanted to cover, and am not entirely happy with the bits I have, so I stuck up those QOTD instead.  But after reading Shelley "Pit Bull Leather" Power's Ignore the fact that it's working post I thought I might as well.
Shelleyp / Burningbird:
Ignore the fact that it's working
John Leyden / The Register:
Firefox and Mac security sanctuaries 'under attack'  —  Symantec has attacked the perceived security advantages of Firefox and Apple Macs by drawing unfavourable comparisons with Microsoft's software and describing Mac fans as living in a "false paradise".  According to the latest edition …
Michael Kanellos /
Crave privacy?  New tech knocks out digital cameras  —  Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have come up with an inexpensive way to prevent digital cameras and digital video cameras from capturing that secret shot.  —  The technology they've devised detects the presence …
Larry Osterman / Larry Osterman's WebLog:
WHAT'S UP WITH AUDIO IN WINDOWS VISTA?  —  Steve Ball (the GPM for the MediaTech group (of which Windows Audio is a part)) discussed some of these changes in the Windows Audio Channel 9 video, but I'd like to spend a bit more time talking about what we've done.
Discussion: InsideMicrosoft
Xeni Jardin / Wired News:
CNN Hacks New TV Technology  —  Your impression when tuning in to CNN's The Situation Room for the first time is likely to be, "Geez, there's a lot going on here."  —  There is.  And much of it involves technologies familiar to internet regulars, but mostly unheard of in the context of TV newscasts.
Discussion: Things That
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Slingbox impresses  —  Ahh, it's nice to take a day or two off and catch up on sleep.  Not to mention catch up with Maryam.  —  Yesterday before Maryam came home I setup my Slingbox.  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  This thing rocks.  —  I'm watching my TV from work.  Don't tell Bill, OK?
Discussion: Firewall
Todd Bishop / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Software Notebook: RSS gets its due at Microsoft developer conference  —  LOS ANGELES — It wasn't mentioned as often as Windows was, but one techie term was uttered with extraordinary frequency during Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference here last week: RSS.
Jenstar / JenSense:
Called out for being a blackhat spammer?  —  A noted an interesting trackback this morning going to my YPN case study about one of the first sites showing Yahoo's Publisher Network ads, Womens-Finance.  Primarily, he is accusing womens-finance as being nothing but a black hat spam site.
Discussion: SEO Black Hat and
Stefanie Olsen /
Intelligence in the Internet age  —  It's a question older than the Parthenon: Do innovations and new technologies make us more intelligent?  —  A few thousand years ago, a Greek philosopher, as he snacked on dates on a bench in downtown Athens, may have wondered if the written language folks …
Global PR Blog Week 2.0:
Adding Your Voice to the Conversation.  Why CEOs Should Blog  —  By Jeneane D. Sessum, The Content Factor |  Just how taxing is it to be one of today's chief executive officers?  Most are on call, in one form or another, nearly 24 hours a day.  According to an article in the Pocket Manager …
Discussion: Burningbird
Noah Dylan Goldblatt:
Apple's New Tablet - the iNote.  —  James R. Stoup from Apple Matters is responsible for a recent article titled: "Flash Based Laptops, Sooner Than You Think."  He posits in his writing that Apple might extend a form of the iPod technology to a theme for desktops of consumer models …

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