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Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life:
Questioning RDF  —  I've been a long time skeptic when it comes to RDF and the Semantic Web.  Every once in a while I wonder if perhaps what I have a problem with is the W3C's vision of the Semantic Web as opposed to RDF itself.  However in previous attempts to explore RDF I've been surprised …
Danny / Danny Ayers, Raw Blog:
Sunday afternoon blather  —  Catching up in the aggregator, I noticed Scoble's post I'm taking the weekend off, check out Memeorandum.  Memeorandum is an aggregator/concentrator that's pretty cool - it has a machine learning algorithm to discover new feeds, and it favours longer posts.
Shelleyp / Burningbird:
Semantic Web Lite: Same great taste, Less reified  —  Most of the time the feeds at Planet RDF reference isolated items with general interest.  Other times, though, the thoughts featured strike sparks against each other, leading to a chain reaction whereby everyone jumps in and Things Happen.
James A. Robertson / Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants:   RDF, Web 2.0 and complexity, oh my
O'Reilly Network:
Call for Participation  —  Proposals Due: September 19, 2005 Jump to the form.  —  We're five years into the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, covering peer-to-peer networks to person-to-person mobile messaging, web services to weblogs, big-screen digital media to small-screen mobile gaming …
Matt Cutts:
Filing a reinclusion request  —  Hmm.  Everybody wants to hear about SEO-ish stuff instead of gadgets.  I'll still subject you to pure geekery now and then, but let's tackle how to do a reinclusion request.  —  First off, what's a reinclusion request and why would you want to do one?
Andy Abramson / VoIP Watch:
Restraint Of Trade  —  I don't think any long time readers will need to think hard to figure out where I stand on the subject of port blocking as I've been rather transparent on that front almost from the start of my blog posting.  —  That said I also view my user agreement with Skype …
Discussion: Mark Evans
Hip Ma Bells?  —  As content becomes ever more important, even phone companies are starting to distribute music, games and movies.  —  Newsweek International  —  Sept. 26 - Oct. 3, 2005 issue - This isn't your mother's Ma Bell.  On the ground floor of a buzzing London office building …
Opening the potential of  —  As a consultant, consistency and trends are essential signifying elements in determining where software, hardware and IT is heading.  In some cases this can be predictable, such as Linux, but it can also be a total surprise right out of the blue …
Stefanie Olsen /
Podcasts, Internet radio come to Sprint phones  —  Sprint cell phones can now double as digital music players for select podcasts or radio programs, thanks to a deal expected Monday between RealNetworks and the mobile company.  —  The two companies plan to introduce Rhapsody Radio …
Fred / A VC: - A Must Read  —  Last month, I suggested that my readers pay attention to Tom Evslin as he was about to launch a blog version of a book.  —  Well its out and its called and I'd encourage everyone to go take a look and read the first chapter which is up.  Here's the intro:
Shawn Rider /
Why Nintendo Gets It, or Why Sony Should Start Trying  —  keywords: analysis sony nintendo microsoft industry  —  And I thought they had logged out:  —  It blows my mind that Nintendo has so effectively proven that they "get" it.  How so?  The Revolution controller.  What?
Discussion: Cathode Tan and digg
EMI: Inside a Makeover  —  One company's story illustrates how music-industry giants are retooling in an attempt to survive the digital future.  —  By Karen Lowry Miller  —  Newsweek International  —  Sept. 26 - Oct. 3, 2005 issue - The battle for digital control is still raging in the movie business …

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