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Shawn Rider /
Why Nintendo Gets It, or Why Sony Should Start Trying  —  keywords: analysis sony nintendo microsoft industry  —  And I thought they had logged out:  —  It blows my mind that Nintendo has so effectively proven that they "get" it.  How so?  The Revolution controller.  What?
Discussion: Cathode Tan and digg
Opening the potential of  —  As a consultant, consistency and trends are essential signifying elements in determining where software, hardware and IT is heading.  In some cases this can be predictable, such as Linux, but it can also be a total surprise right out of the blue …
Discussion: jonobacon@home and
MBlog : Greg Wilkins  —  Greg has been developing Open Source Java since 1995, when he started development of the Jetty HTTP Server and Servlet Container.  He also contributes to JBoss and apache geronimo.  Greg is the founder of Mort Bay Consulting and a founding partner of the Core Developers Network.
Fred / A VC: - A Must Read  —  Last month, I suggested that my readers pay attention to Tom Evslin as he was about to launch a blog version of a book.  —  Well its out and its called and I'd encourage everyone to go take a look and read the first chapter which is up.  Here's the intro:
EMI: Inside a Makeover  —  One company's story illustrates how music-industry giants are retooling in an attempt to survive the digital future.  —  By Karen Lowry Miller  —  Newsweek International  —  Sept. 26 - Oct. 3, 2005 issue - The battle for digital control is still raging in the movie business …
Nathan Weinberg /
IE7 Beta 2 Will Have A9 OpenSearch  —  Microsoft has announced several new features for Internet Explorer 7, features that will be present in Beta 2.  —  On eof the biggest moves involves search, with IE supporting all manner of search engines.  The IE team says they are working with Amazon …
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Get Ready for Wireless Cable Broadband  —  Ireland-based Digiweb has started using a Wireless DOCSIS 2.0 technology, that allows consumers to get broadband at 3Mbps download and 512Kbps upload.  The company is also bundling free (VoIP) phone number and a phone line with this package …
Vista and a good night's sleep  —  Turning a Windows computer off has always been a bit of a lottery as the sleep mode could be overrided by applications still running.  Windows XP offers several "off" options, including hibernate, standby, and shut down.  Pat Stemen, a Program Manager …
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Results from Google Groups Now Appearing at the Bottom of Google Web Results Pages  —  Results from Google Groups are now visible (query dependent, of course) in a OneBox on Google web results pages.  The addition is documented on the Google Web Search Features page.
Discussion: InsideGoogle
Jane Wakefield / BBC:
Petitioning parliament by mouse  —  If e-government seems to be mainly about doing tax returns online, then e-democracy is its more exciting cousin, promising to put citizens at centre stage of the political process.  —  E-democracy projects are springing up all over the UK.
Gizmodo, The Gadget blog:
PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier: No More Wasted Outlets  —  I don't think I've ever coveted anything so badly from ThinkGeek.  Anyone who has ever struggled with a typical 5-outlet power strip will tell you that one of their main hindrances is that you can only really fit two or three plugs on it …
Discussion: Boing Boing
Jim Louderback / ABCNEWS:
Acer Unveils Tablet PC, Plans to Enter U.S. LCD TV Market  —  The tablet computer has a sliding LCD panel that allows for quick conversion.  —  Sept. 17 ATHENS, Greece—At its Global Press Conference here Saturday, Acer rolled out a brand new tablet PC with an innovative pop-up hinge.
Discussion: TeleRead and jkOnTheRun

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