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Kendall Clark /
SPARQL: Web 2.0 Meet the Semantic Web  —  The Semantic Web.  It's an odd duck, and not only from the publishing point of view.  Academic computer science is starting to take the Semantic Web (which means, for them, webizing the Knowledge Representation part of AI) seriously.  There are conferences, journals, books.
SPARQL to ignite web 2.0  —  Kendal Clark, managing editor of, just wrote: "SPARQL over AJAX just by itself is so cool it gives me a headache!".  —  What problem does SPARQL solve?  SPARQL is here to replace the SELECT part of SQL query statements, the long standing standard for database access.
Jane Wakefield / BBC:
Petitioning parliament by mouse  —  If e-government seems to be mainly about doing tax returns online, then e-democracy is its more exciting cousin, promising to put citizens at centre stage of the political process.  —  E-democracy projects are springing up all over the UK.
Jim Louderback / ABCNEWS:
Acer Unveils Tablet PC, Plans to Enter U.S. LCD TV Market  —  The tablet computer has a sliding LCD panel that allows for quick conversion.  —  Sept. 17 ATHENS, Greece—At its Global Press Conference here Saturday, Acer rolled out a brand new tablet PC with an innovative pop-up hinge.
Discussion: TeleRead and jkOnTheRun
Tony Baer /
A Microsoft switch: Vista feature to go cross-platform  —  As part of the announcement of the next generation look and feel for Windows Vista, Microsoft said that it will make a subset of the new presentation layer available for other platforms.  —  Windows Presentation Foundation …
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Results from Google Groups Now Appearing at the Bottom of Google Web Results Pages  —  Results from Google Groups are now visible (query dependent, of course) in a OneBox on Google web results pages.  The addition is documented on the Google Web Search Features page.
Discussion: InsideGoogle
Kieron Gillen / Kieron Gillen's Workblog:
Motown Junk  —  "Revolution!  Revolution!  Revolution!  Revolution!"  —  One of my standard arguments is that the idea that a more adaptable controller is completely misguided, and it's just gimmickry distractions.  That one's just been retired.  —  Initial impression …
Frederico Oliveira / TechCrunch:
Netvibes - Personal homepage  —  Netvibes, a project started in France by Florant Fremont, is the latest web-app based on the idea of personalized homepages and like some others (like Start and Google's personal homepage), it is powered by some nicely developed Ajax.
Discussion: Digital Tech Life and Mashable*

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