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Dave Winer / Scripting News:
Exclusive ways  —  I can blog about Google's unbloggable community conference because I wasn't invited.  Great community building Google.  Exclusive events suck.  I guess wasn't invited either.  I probably wouldn't have gone anyway.  I don't think bloggers should go to public events they can't blog about.
Discussion: Windows Vista Weblog
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
The RSS, er, PDC is over and I screwed up by not getting Dave there  —  Note to Dave Winer: I'm sorry, you should have been at the PDC.  I didn't even realize just how big a deal RSS was going to become there and I screwed up by not pushing to have you there.  —  A couple things, though.
Discussion: Smalltalk Tidbits …
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Google Zeitgeist 05: Featuring Press & Bloggers But No Blogging Or Coverage Allowed  —  So I'm reading a discussion over at Threadwatch about those going to our SEW Forums Live Anaheim event next month, and member eWhisper notes he can't make it, as Zeitgeist ends that day?  Zeitgeist?  I follow the link.
Steve Hamm / TechBeat:
College tech recruiting surprise  —  BusinessWeek published a huge cover story package this week about internal problems at Microsoft.  This involved months of reporting by Seattle Bureau Chief Jay Greene.  Microsoft refused to grant interviews or answer any of our questions until the last possible moment …
Discussion: IT Facts
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
My MSFT morale report  —  Lots of people are asking me what I think of the two very negative articles about Microsoft (that link goes to Memeorandum where you can see some of the early discussion) that were published this week.  —  First, I like Mini-Microsoft.  —  Why?
Discussion: Blogspotting, Andrew Lark and VoIP Blog
Todd Bishop / Microsoft Blog:
Microsoft's 'troubling exits'
Molly /
No Mr. Ballmer, Microsoft Will Not Win the Web
Fred / A VC:
Is Bill Gates the Cat with Nine Lives?  —  Conventional wisdom says tech companies rise and fall with the waves of innovation that lash the shores of the technology business.  There are so many examples of this that I won't bother to repeat them.  —  But there is one cat out there that has so far avoided that fate.
Discussion: The World 2 Come
Infectious Greed:
"Microsoft is Doomed !!"  —> Buy MSFT  —  Only Fortune magazine running a "Microsoft is Doomed !!" cover next week could make things any cheerier for Bill Gates and his Washington-based software company.  After all, this week we have a contrarian two-fer, with both BusinessWeek ("I'm Outta Here!:
Feld Thoughts:
2006 Will Be The Year of Microsoft
Discussion: Read/Write Web
Jonathan Thaw / Bloomberg:
Analyst says Google may bid on AOL to fend off Microsoft  —  Google, the most-used Internet search engine, may consider making a bid for America Online to keep the company from switching to Microsoft Corp.'s search technology, a Merrill Lynch & Co. analyst said Friday.
Discussion: InsideGoogle and broadband
George Ou / ZDNet:
Is the Firefox honeymoon over?  —  [Updated: 9/16/2005 7:22PM] Now that Firefox has become the first viable contender to Microsoft Internet Explorer in years, its popularity has brought with it some unwanted attention.  Last week's premature disclosure of a zero-day Firefox exploit came …
New trigonometry is a sign of the times  —  Mathematics students have cause to celebrate.  A University of New South Wales academic, Dr Norman Wildberger, has rewritten the arcane rules of trigonometry and eliminated sines, cosines and tangents from the trigonometric toolkit.
Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life:
A Webpage is Not An API or a Platform (The Remix)  —  A few months ago in my post GMail Domain Change Exposes Bad Design and Poor Code, I wrote Repeat after me, a web page is not an API or a platform.  It seems some people are still learning this lesson the hard way.
Discussion: Things That and Read/Write Web
Gizmodo, The Gadget blog:
Gizmodo Gallery: Roger Ibars  —  "Sega controls Panasonic" (Ibars 2005)  —  Among certain fetishistic subcultures of the consumer electronics world, there seems to be a common credo: "If it's not hackable, it's worthless."  Putting this saying to the test is Roger Ibars, a designer-slash-researcher based in London.
Discussion: we make money not art

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James R. Stoup /
Flash Based Laptops, Sooner Than You Think
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TGS 2005: PS3 controller still not final
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Computer Modeling Reveals Hidden Conversations Within Cells
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The Tablet PC Show #24
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Macworld Expo Boston cancelled

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