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Staci /
AOL-Microsoft: Will Cash-Rich Google Make A Play? : Day 2 of the new hot miniseries.  Influential Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine stirred the pot today with a client note suggesting that Google could jump in.  —  From Fine: "Depending on the limitations of the AOL-Google contract …
David A. Vise / Washington Post:
AOL, Microsoft Discussing Possible Internet Joint Venture
Discussion: Fast Company Now
James Altucher /
MSN Plus AOL Is a Negative for Google
Globe and Mail:
Rogers, Bell Canada team up  —  Bitter rivals Rogers Communications Inc. and Bell Canada have agreed to jointly build and manage a wireless high-speed Internet network that is expected to reach more than two-thirds of Canadians in less than three years.  —  The two communications companies …
Jonathan Krim / Washington Post:
New Lines of Communication  —  Some Want to Scrap the Old Infrastructure To Create a High-Tech, Wireless Region  —  As crews rush to restore basic telephone and Internet services to areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, some executives, academics and analysts are urging a more ambitious approach …
Rogers and Bell to build Wireless Broadband Network
Music giants sue 'Chinese Google' over MP3 downloads  —  Music giants Universal, EMI, Warner, Sony BMG and their local subsidiaries are suing China's largest search engine Baidu for allegedly infringing the copyright of hundreds of songs, the company said on Friday.
Discussion: SiliconBeat and business2blog
Mike / Techdirt:
Why Baidu's Investors Should Have Done Some Research
Discussion: Things That   Google may expand in China, buy faster computers
Sherman So /
Baidu sued over music downloads
Business Week:
Troubling Exits At Microsoft  —  Once the dream workplace of tech's highest achievers, it is suffering key defections to Google and elsewhere.  What's behind the losses?  —  When Microsoft Corp. (MFST ) hired computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee away from hardware maker Silicon Graphics Inc. …
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Grotica - Google Erotica Engine or Webmaster World Joke?  —  Grotica - Google Erotica Engine or Webmaster World Joke?  —  While running across the search engine news this morning I found a press release, apparently from Google, hosted on and indexed in Google News.
Linda S. Boreman /
Google unveils new erotica search engine  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - September 15, 2005 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today its plans to enter the lucrative adult content market with a new search engine that will be kept separate from its main line of search services.
Discussion: Things That and InsideGoogle
Ryan Katz / Think Secret:
Power Mac G5 revision expected soon, signs point to dual-core  —  September 15, 2005 - Apple's Power Mac G5 line will see an upgrade in the near future, possibly before the close of the month, sources have informed Think Secret.  Poor sales of the current models is likely the driving force behind …
Discussion: Engadget and
Laurieanne McLaughlin / Macworld:
Analysis: Why Apple picked Intel over AMD  —  Steve Jobs sent a seismic shocker across the tech landscape in June when he announced Apple would phase out PowerPC chips and put Intel processors inside Macs starting in 2006.  To some, the move seemed puzzling: Why would Jobs, the king of cool design …
Discussion: Infinite Loop and
Chris Kohler / Wired News:
Hands On With the Revolution  —  TOKYO — The Revolution will be televised, and so will every movement of your hands.  —  After months of teasing, Nintendo has pulled back the curtain on the controller that will accompany its upcoming home game console, called Revolution, when the system launches in 2006.
Discussion: and Kotaku
Business Week:
A Rendezvous With Microsoft's Deep Throat  —  Meet mystery blogger Mini-Microsoft, an employee who runs a virtual watercooler for his corporate colleagues, also anonymous  —  I didn't have to change cabs twice and slip into the shadows of a suburban parking garage at 2 in the morning.
Discussion: Ted's Radio Weblog
The meaning of free speech  —  The acquisition by eBay of Skype is a helpful reminder to the world's trillion-dollar telecoms industry that all phone calls will eventually be free  —  NIKLAS Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the founders of Skype, which distributes software that lets people …
Discussion: MobHappy
JupiterResearch: Consumer Resistance to Paid Content Stays High  —  Consumer resistance to paying for content online remains high, though adoption is up slightly, according to a new JupiterResearch report.  —  The New York market researcher found adoption is up from last year …
Discussion: and InterAdvocacy
Paul F. Roberts /
Microsoft Scraps Old Encryption in New Code  —  Microsoft is banning certain cryptographic functions from new computer code, citing increasingly sophisticated attacks that make them less secure, according to a company executive.  —  The Redmond, Wash., software company instituted a new policy …
Discussion: Channel 9
Robot weeds fields  —  Weeding is a major problem for ecological growers since it is both expensive and time-consuming.  New robot technology may have the solution.  In a new dissertation, Björn Åstrand, from Halmstad University in Sweden, presents how weeds can be removed mechanically -with the fully automated robot Lukas.

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Googlebombing 'failure'  —  Posted by Marissa Mayer, Director of Consumer Web Products
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