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Mark McDonald /
Revolution Controller Finally Revealed  —  We've seen it, touched it, played games with it.  Read this now.  —  The entire industry has been clamoring for a taste of Nintendo's so-called next-generation 'revolution.' So have we.  Every time Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has opened his mouth …
Matt Casamassina /
Live from TGS: Iwata's Keynote  —  Want some Revolution news?  We'll be updating live with everything Nintendo's president says.  Click and refresh.  —  September 15, 2005 - The Tokyo Game Show 2005 is in full effect.  Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, gives his keynote speech beginning …
Discussion: Engadget and pasta and vinegar
TGS 2005: Hands-on the Revolution Controller  —  We take Nintendo's innovative new peripheral for a joy ride.  Find out why it could change the way we play games forever.  —  September 15, 2005 - It was a rare opportunity.  Yesterday, just outside of Tokyo, Japan, Nintendo invited us …
Discussion: Joystiq and
TGS 2005: Revolution Controller: The Possibilities
Discussion: Joystiq
James Altucher /
MSN Plus AOL Is a Negative for Google  —  Editor's Note: This is a bonus story from James Altucher, whose commentary usually appears only on RealMoney, where it was published at 9:21 a.m. EDT Thursday.  We're offering it today to readers.  To read Altucher's commentary regularly …
David A. Vise / Washington Post:
AOL, Microsoft Discussing Possible Internet Joint Venture
Discussion: Fast Company Now
Rafat /
AOL-Microsoft Talks: Google's Exposure To It : Just thinking this through: It seems that this is a offensive flanking move by Microsoft, intended to hit Google where it hurts most: revenues from partners.  —  From Google's latest 10-Q quarterly filing with SEC: "We rely on our Google Network members …
Linda S. Boreman /
Google unveils new erotica search engine  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - September 15, 2005 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today its plans to enter the lucrative adult content market with a new search engine that will be kept separate from its main line of search services.
Linux trademark bid rejected  —  An attempt by the nation's peak Linux body to register the name 'Linux' on behalf of Linus Torvalds has failed.  —  The regulator, Intellectual Property Australia, turned down the application because the word 'Linux' was not distinctive enough to be trademarked.
Sherman So /
Baidu sued over music downloads  —  The world's biggest music companies are suing Baidu, the mainland search engine that captivated Wall Street investors, for copyright infringement in a move that could force the company to shut down its MP3 search engine, a key to the company's popularity among young Chinese Internet users.
Joel Cere on Reputation Protection …:
Google Search Blogs: The End Of Bloggers' Influence?  —  Google launched its dedicated blogs search engine.  Many have reported on it and I did not feel that I had anything of value to add to the chatter.  However, this morning I came across this old article from "The Register while looking …
Laurieanne McLaughlin / Macworld:
Analysis: Why Apple picked Intel over AMD  —  Steve Jobs sent a seismic shocker across the tech landscape in June when he announced Apple would phase out PowerPC chips and put Intel processors inside Macs starting in 2006.  To some, the move seemed puzzling: Why would Jobs, the king of cool design …
Discussion: Infinite Loop and
Tony Smith / The Register:
CPUs smarter than 'every human brain combined' by 2060  —  Computers will be able to out-think the entire world population put together within the next 60 years, the head of Lucent's research division has forecast.  —  First, though, phones will be able to tell how their owners smell …
Google may expand in China, buy faster computers  —  (SAN FRANCISCO) Google Inc, the most-used Internet search engine, may expand its business in China and purchase faster computers to support new services after the company raised US$4.18 billion in a stock sale.
Discussion: SiliconBeat
Shak / Chinawhite:
Google to acquire BAIDU ?  —  So for the last week or so, everyday I get an email asking me what I think of "Google buying Baidu" ?  —  So here's my take  —  The time I have spent in China in 2005 and having talked to many Business Folk, End Users, Advertisers, Taxi Drivers and Part Time Girlfriends has led me to 1 thing.

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Jonathan Krim / Washington Post:
New Lines of Communication
Mark Cuban / Blog Maverick:
Welcome to the show Google BlogSearch
Indonesia adopts JDS on Linux as a national desktop
Ina Fried /
Microsoft's Vista looks to get tablets on write track
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MARU the Robot to Debut at APEC
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For Gateway, a road to nowhere?
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Listening to users considered harmful?
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Investors Rush to Buy Another $4.2 Billion in Google Stock
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