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Time Warner Rises on Report Microsoft May Share AOL (Update1)  —  Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) — Shares of Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, rose as much as 2.4 percent after the New York Post said the company is in talks to sell a stake in America Online to Microsoft Corp.
Time Warner Rises After NY Post Says Microsoft to Buy AOL Stake  —  Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) — Shares of Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, rose in European trading after the New York Post said the company is in talks to sell a stake in America Online to Microsoft Corp.
Russ / Russell Beattie Notebook:
AOL Going  —  When I wrote about AOL Rising a few weeks ago …
Yahoo! Search blog:
Instant Search Gives You Instant Answers  —  If search engines are so smart, why do they give you millions of results when you type in "boston weather"?  Why even ten, for that matter?  Why not just one?  Or better yet, why not just tell me what the weather is?
Charlene Li / Charlene Li's Blog:   Yahoo intros Instant Search
John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
Robert McLaws:
Exclusive: BillG Goes To College  —  You want it, we've got it.  The camera work is a little bumpy, but here's the spoof video that was shown at PDC 2005... uncut.  Some highlight screenshots are below...  Watch It Here!  —  Update: For those of you wondering, it was shot with an HP Photosmart R707 digital camera.
Ars Technica:
Apple supports video podcasting  —  Apple surprised a few people in June when they rolled podcasting support into iTunes 4.9, giving users the ability to download recorded audio programs automatically through the iTunes Music Store.  What is less known is that the company took another step …
Discussion: The Apple Blog and TechBlog
Jon's Radio:
Bill Gates interview: the transcript  —  I've been too busy here at the PDC to transcribe Tuesday's podcast of my interview with Bill Gates, but the folks at IDG kindly took care of that, so here it is:  —  JU: So, the Napoleon Dynamite thing was delightful.  —  BG: It was fun to do that.
Daniel Terdiman /
Hacking's a snap in Legoland  —  When Lego executives recently discovered that adult fans of the iconic plastic bricks had hacked one of the company's new development tools for digital designers, they did a surprising thing: They cheered.  —  Unlike executives at so many corporations …
Discussion: technology filter
Ben Elgin / Business Week:
Yahoo: Mistrust Is Popping Up  —  A string of issues related to its trustworthiness, especially about adware, could tarnish the portal's reputation on the Net  —  Yahoo! (YHOO ) has been taking a beating in the blogosphere lately.  On Sept. 6 came the revelation that it provided information that helped Beijing jail a journalist.
Discussion: and PR
Hiawatha Bray / Boston Globe:
Careful or they'll hear your password  —  Computer scientists at the University of California at Berkeley have found a new way to crack computer passwords: By listening.  —  Professor Doug Tygar and graduate student Li Zhuang use off-the-shelf microphones to record keystroke sounds and run …
'People believe their partnership with Yahoo is extremely valuable,'  —David Chao,  —  Doll Capital  —  Management  —  CAPITAL  —  AllAbout IPO Soars 727%  —  Japan's answer to U.S. information portal makes a splash in its first day of trading in Tokyo.
Discussion: Techdirt and
Nick W /
Google Pilot New Webmaster Communications Initiative  —  UPDATE: Google have confirmed a pilot project to "open up communications" with webmasters they feel are breaking their guidelines.  Emails are being sent to selected websites flagged for removal from the Google index.
Tony Walsh /
Wells Fargo Buys 'Second Life' Island  —  Tagged Advergaming, Business, Gaming, Other Space, Second Life  —  As hinted at earlier this year, Wells Fargo has launched their own private "Stagecoach Island" in the virtual world of Second Life.  With the help of Swivel Media, a so-called …

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