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Google Blog:
Judge clears way for Dr. Lee  —  A Washington state judge ruled today that Dr. Kai-Fu Lee can immediately begin working for Google.  (There's a profile of Dr. Lee in today's San Francisco Chronicle.)  We're thrilled, and he's excited to get right to work on several big things, including recruiting …
David A. Vise / Washington Post:
Microsoft, Google Both Claim Victory  —  A ferocious battle for the loyalty of computer users, pitting mighty Microsoft Corp. against search engine juggernaut Google Inc., is playing out in a court case that feels more like a barroom brawl than a staid conflict over one company hiring an executive away from the other.
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Gene Johnson / Associated Press:   Judge rules former Microsoft executive Lee can recruit for Google
Matt Haughey / PVRblog:
TiVo 7.2 OS adds content protection, blocks transfers, and auto-deletes some shows  —  We got a bit of a disturbing report over the weekend from a reader: … Unfortunately, he didn't have any photos of what he saw, so I started looking around for similar reports.  It didn't sound like an isolated or accidental incident.
Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:   TiVo won't save certain shows or allow moving them
PC World:
Nintendo launches GameBoy Micro  —  Tiny device matches its predecessor's power, game selections.  —  Nintendo has launched its newest handheld gaming device, the GameBoy Micro, in Japan.  —  The diminutive device is scheduled to hit retail shelves in the U.S. on September 19 priced at $100.
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Craig Harris /
Game Boy Micro US Packaging
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Adriaan / ecto:
Torrents for blogging  —  Quite a few bloggers tend to post large videos to their blogs.  The burden on their servers can become quite large.  One good solution is to use torrents.  The idea behind torrents is that everyone who wants to get the file actually help distribute it.
Gary Lerhaupt / torrentocracy:   Announcing the Prodigem BitTorrent Web API Developer Center Preview  —  Today Microsoft announced Microsoft gadgets at PDC with three flavors of Gadgets for Windows Sidebar, Gadgets for and Gadgets for Windows Sideshow.  On that note we welcome you to a preview of the developer center.
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Videos up on Channel 9  —  I just loaded six videos up on Channel 9.  The two that I think will be most viewed are the Office 12 UI video and the Windows Vista Explorer video.  —  Also there now are the AERO interface video, the 10 things devs need to know to build a great Windows Vista video …
Miker / This is Mobility:
Photos  —  We had a Mobile Monday focused on photos this evening.  The presentations were great, and I just wanted to get down some of the thoughts here.  Both to share and so that I don't forget them myself.  Erik from Shutterfly led off the presentations, and put up some great info …
John C. Dvorak / PC Magazine:
Microsoft Should Confuse the Market More  —  Back in January there were numerous news stories about how Microsoft Longhorn might be sold in as many as seven variations.  The story died down, and I figured that the company wouldn't be so nutty as to confuse the market with so many variations on a theme.
Hilton Locke / TabBlogger:
Touching is Good (finale?)  —  Well, for those of you who have kept up with this series of posts, I've been dropping hints as to our newest announcement.  —  It is being announced at PDC05 that OEMs will be allowed to ship Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (aka Lonestar) on their touch-enabled tablets.
Michael Coates / OpsanBlog:
PDC05 - WPF/E Session  —  Quick hits on WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) Jim Allchin announced this in his keynote.  Apologies for any inaccuracies; they were running through some cool stuff very quickly:  —  The goal: to work everywhere.  Macs, FireFox, everywhere.
Piaras / Piaras Kelly PR:
Tips on writing content for your blog  —  Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality - Beatrix Potter  —  Here are some tips on writing content for your blog:  —  1. Use catchy titles: As I subscribe to more and more webfeeds, I tend to flicks through content a lot faster.
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Michael Gartenberg:
Office 12 has new UI and cool RSS Support  —  This seems to be the month for bold moves.  Microsoft has tossed out the old Office UI and replaced the pull down menus and toolbars with a series of visual tabs.  IT certainly doesn't look like anything I've seen before.  I'm not sure I totally love the new Office "12" UI.
Tasmania powers up 12Mbps broadband  —  Internet service provider Datafast, in partnership with Aurora Energy and hardware vendor Mitsubishi Electric, today kicked off a 12Mbps broadband over power line service in Hobart, which the company claims is the world's first large-scale commercial trial.
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