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eBay to buy Skype in $2.6bn deal  —  Online auction site eBay has agreed to buy internet telephone company Skype Technologies in a $2.6bn (£1.4bn) deal.  —  eBay said it would pay half the amount in cash and the other half in stocks to create "an unparalleled e-commerce and communications engine".
Ross Mayfield / Ross Mayfield's Weblog:
The Simple Reason eBay bought Skype  —  In two hours, eBay is holding a conference call about buying Skype.  I'm visiting the Skype guys in Tallinn a couple of hours later.  Lot's of folks are scratching their heads.  I have no inside information, nor really want it, but can offer …
Anne Broache /
eBay to nab Skype for $2.6 billion  —  update eBay plans to buy Net telephone provider Skype in a move aimed at boosting its sales volumes and supplying seamless voice communications to its consumers.  —  Company executives said Monday that eBay plans to pay $1.3 billion in cash and $1.3 billion …
Andy Abramson / VoIP Watch:
eBay Buys Skype  —  The last few days were rather quiet on the Skype Hype front.  It seems my first gut reaction about Skype Was right and only over thinking caused a shift.  I still view the Skype team as master marketers who played the game to the fullest and have won with eBay making the acquisition.
Rob Hof / TechBeat:
Why eBay Is Buying Skype  —  Here's my quick take, below, an edited version of which will appear in a few hours at  CEO Meg Whitman & Co. gave an impassioned rationale for the deal.  I can certainly see that if Skype meets its ambitious goals, the deal could pay off eventually.
Discussion: and Things That
Jeff / The Jeff Pulver Blog:
End of an Era? eBay to purchase Skype  —  So it turns out that the rumors late last week were true. eBay is going to purchase Skype.  —  But one thing the folks at eBay forgot about, is that while money can buy many things, as the Beatles once said, "Money can't buy you love."
Eric Auchard / Reuters:
EBay to buy Skype in deal worth $4.1 bln - source
Discussion: Jon Arnold's Blog
Jonathan Krim / Washington Post:
EBay to Buy Skype
James Enck / EuroTelcoblog:
Niklas and Meg 4-ever
Staci /   EBay-Skype: PowerPoint Pitch : EBay's explanation/sales pitch …
Times of London:
New legal threat to Google over GMail  —  Google, the internet search engine, is facing a renewed threat of legal action from a company that claims to own the intellectual property rights to its GMail e-mail service.  —  Independent International Investment Research, a British company …
Mike / Techdirt:
Apparently Free Text Ads Not Enough To Calm UK Firm That Used The G-mail Name
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Note to Mary Jo: Sparkle is no Flash killer  —  Mary Jo Foley gives her predictions of what's coming at the PDC: More Developers, More Developers, More Developers!  —  One thing I gotta correct.  I used to think that Sparkle was a Flash killer.  Hey, that was good hype cause that team hired …
Discussion: JD on MX
Mary Jo Foley /   More Developers, More Developers, More Developers!
Robert Scoble / Scobleizer:
Announcing Memorandum to track Tech and Politics/News blogs  —  Here's some very cool non-Microsoft news that I'm proud to announce (I am the first site to report this news).  —  I'm on the phone with Gabe Rivera, emperor of Memeorandum.  He is, at this very moment, turning on major …
Discussion: Read/Write Web and Scripting News
Part I: 64-bit vs. 32-bit Windows  —  Windows XP Professional x64 edition is clearly not a mainstream product.  For example, though you can order Dell Dimension XPS models with XP X64 installed, Dell gives you this rather dire warning when you try to buy a system with the OS installed:
Discussion: TechSpot
Oracle to swallow Siebel for $5.8 billion  —  update Software maker Oracle said Monday it will acquire rival Siebel Systems in a deal worth $5.8 billion, marking the second major competitor the company has targeted since mid-2004.  —  Oracle executives said the mega-deal is intended as a …
Gizmodo, The Gadget blog:
Frog Design Mind  —  [Eds.  Note: Even if you have never heard of frog design, you are undoubtedly familiar with the company's enormously influential design work—the Sony Trinitron TV, Logitech's QuickCam Fusion, AT&T's first digital answering machine, the Apple IIC and NeXT Box.
Discussion: The Blackfriars Blog
Dan Gillmor / Bayosphere:
eBay Buying Skype: The Privacy Question Grows  —  Submitted by Dan Gillmor on Mon, 09/12/2005 - 7:25am. … It's official, and eBay will now be adding something to its portfolio: customers' presence online.  The possibilities are endless.  I didn't get this at first, but now I do.
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