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Paul Thurrott /
Pre-PDC Exclusive: Windows Vista End User Features Revealed  —  An examination of Microsoft internal documentation this weekend reveals that the software giant is prepping a number of major end-user features for Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn), many of which had not yet previously been revealed.
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Paul Thurrott /
Pre-PDC Exclusive: Windows Vista Processor and Memory Support Revealed  —  According to Microsoft internal documentation, most product editions of Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn), the next major Windows version, will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) versions, or will support both architectures via a single install.
Howard Thomson /
Windows Vista Product Editions Revealed  —  It has been reported by well known and trusted Microsoft author, Paul Thurrott, that Windows Vista (previously codename Longhorn) will ship in no less than 7 different versions.  The most basic, Vista Starter Edition, will only ship in emerging markets …
Ars Technica:
Windows Vista product editions revealed  —  If you've been wondering why Windows Vista has taken a long time to reach Beta 1, we can now tell you why: there's seven separate editions of Vista headed your way.  OK, that's not the reason for the delay, but how else do you introduce that many OS versions …
Adriaan / chaotic intransient prose bursts:
Yahoo! goes hard gay  —  Here's a 7-minute capture from a Japanese variety program.  I thought this seems interesting enough to put online, given that it involves Yahoo!.  The story-line of this sketch is as follows: A character called "Hard Gay" (by comedian "Razor Ramon") thinks that the …
Simon Willison / Simon Willison's Weblog:
Firefox 1.5 developer highlights  —  Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is out, and is the most exciting browser release in a very long time.  It comes with the Gecko 1.8 rendering engine, which includes a ton of interesting new features.  New in this version (unless you've been tinkering with the Deer Park series):
Business profile: 'I've never thrown a chair in my life'  —  The chief executive of Microsoft responds to accusations that he threatened to kill Google and tells Martin Baker what it means to be Bill Gates's boss  —  Steve Ballmer is a very big man.  And the chief executive of Microsoft …
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Emergency Services, Web Services and Industry Standards  —  Did you know that any cell phone in the US, whether it's been "activated" or not with a calling plan, can make a 911 call.  Know why?  Because there is an overriding public interest in the provisioning of emergency services …
Ozh / planetOzh:
Code is Poetry  —  "Code is Poetry" : every Wordpress user has read this at least once, on Wordpress' official site, as this is their tagline.  And I guess most bloggers think "Wordpress" when they read "Code is Poetry".  —  Today, while looking for some food in a local supermarket …
PC World:
You Too Can Exploit Windows' Bad Security  —  My PC's firewall, antivirus scanner, spyware remover, pop-up blocker, and spam filter all agree: Windows is sorely lacking in PC security.  That situation may not change until Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) comes out sometime next year.
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Feld Thoughts:
WSFinder - Wiki for Web Services and Open APIs  —  I've written in the past about the importance of APIs in today's "web application" world.  Chris Law - an early employee of Tribe - has just created a Wiki that is a directory of the publicly available API / web services.

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