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Paul Thurrott /
Exclusive: Windows Vista Product Editions Revealed  —  Two days before the start of Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005, I've received exclusive insider information about the product editions, or SKUs, which Microsoft intends to create for Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn).
Manu Sharma / Orange Hues:
Ebay Wants to Buy Skype?  Makes Sense  —  Fred Wilson, VC at Union Square Ventures and prolific blogger at 'A VC' blog wrote about a WSJ article that speculates that Ebay might be considering buying Skype.  Fred wonders why eBay would want to do that.  The WSJ article isn't free to read …
Paul Jardine / Produktivity:
Skypebay or Bay of Skypes?
Discussion: Orange Hues
V. Dion Haynes / Washington Post:
Schools Beset by Computer Errors  —  D.C. Principals Report a Surge in Problems in Recent Days  —  D.C schools continue to experience problems with a new computer system, with some principals saying yesterday that their schools have been unable to record attendance, print student schedules or even access the Internet since Wednesday.
Jacob Appelbaum / Jacob Appelbaum's weblog:
Coming to you all live from New Orleans  —  Sorry for being vauge and for those that were in the know I'm sorry to drop off the radar.  I didn't want to disclose where we were going but we're here now and we made it safely.  Joel and I are now in Algiers.  This is the west bank of New Orleans, the 15th ward in Orleans Parish.
Ritwik Sinha /
Kensington reveals NXT-enabled iPod nano docking station and accessories  —  Rated: 75% by 12 user(s).  —  Kensington this week unveiled five new products that fit into the iPod accessories catalog.  Among the five products announced, three of them; namely the SX 2000 Speakers for iPod …
Discussion: the ipod studio and Engadget
James Niccolai / InfoWorld:
Saturday declared 'Software Freedom Day'  —  Event aims to educate about the benefits of open source software  —  Advocates of free and open-source software have designated Saturday as Software Freedom Day and are planning events around the world to educate the public about the benefits and availability of open-source software.
Discussion: Ted's Radio Weblog
Barb Dybwad / Engadget:
Will Apple face trademark infringement with Creative over the iPod nano?  —  Well, you knew this was only a matter of time.  The speculations have begun regarding whether Creative will stake a claim on the "nano" trademark, as they popped out the Zen Nano several months in advance …
Discussion: digg
Larry Angell /
Pioneer rolls out iPod-ready A/V receivers  —  Pioneer Electronics has announced two new A/V receivers—the VSX-74TXVi and VSX-72TXV—which feature iPod connectivity and navigation.  —  "Connect iPod directly to the receiver to enjoy music through a home theater sound system," says Pioneer.
Discussion: Engadget
Mac Mini Robot  —  This is a description of a mobile robot using an Mac Mini and iSight camera for tele-operation.  The purpose of this project is to see what it is like to control to robot using the built-in visual and aural sensors before designing an agent to do the same task.
Discussion: digg and hack a day
Mathew Honan /
Mobile makers: No immediate plans for iTunes integration  —  With the release of the ROKR from Apple, Cingular, and Motorola, iTunes came to mobile phones, allowing users to easily load music to a phone via the familiar iTunes interface.  Consumers may wonder whether, like Bluetooth and cameras …
Discussion: MobHappy
David Perlman / San Francisco Chronicle:
Astronomers discover 2 more oddball objects  —  They could shed new light on the formation of the solar system — but don't call them planets  —  With delight and fascination, three astronomers who announced discovery of the solar system's "10th planet" in July told colleagues Thursday …
Discussion: Channel 9
>>>  ENTER THE ROUNDTABLE  —  GUESTS  —  is the co-creator of XML and "Director of Web Technologies" at Sun.  —  is principal analyst at Insight 64.  Earlier in his career, Nathan directed processor research at Gartner Dataquest, where he focused on microprocessors used in computational applications.

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Robert O'Neill At Productdose /
The Clapper 2050  —  In our never-ending quest to find products …
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Matt Marshall / SiliconBeat:
My jet's pretty big, how big is yours?
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Donna Wentworth / Copyfight:
RIAA to Congress: Give Us Control of Digital Radio
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