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Ars Technica:
Windows Vista product editions revealed  —  If you've been wondering why Windows Vista has taken a long time to reach Beta 1, we can now tell you why: there's seven separate editions of Vista headed your way.  OK, that's not the reason for the delay, but how else do you introduce that many OS versions …
Simon Willison / Simon Willison's Weblog:
Firefox 1.5 developer highlights  —  Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is out, and is the most exciting browser release in a very long time.  It comes with the Gecko 1.8 rendering engine, which includes a ton of interesting new features.  New in this version (unless you've been tinkering with the Deer Park series):
C.K. Sample, Iii / The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
Things I want for my iPod nano  —  Following up on my gushing first 24 hours report from yesterday, I'd like to point out a few things that I find lacking in the iPod nano, and some bits and pieces I'd like added down the road.  —  First and foremost, Apple needs to release black peripherals for the black iPod nano.
Barb Dybwad / Engadget:
Will Apple face trademark infringement with Creative over the iPod nano?  —  Well, you knew this was only a matter of time.  The speculations have begun regarding whether Creative will stake a claim on the "nano" trademark, as they popped out the Zen Nano several months in advance …
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PC World:
You Too Can Exploit Windows' Bad Security  —  My PC's firewall, antivirus scanner, spyware remover, pop-up blocker, and spam filter all agree: Windows is sorely lacking in PC security.  That situation may not change until Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) comes out sometime next year.
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Ritwik Sinha /
Kensington reveals NXT-enabled iPod nano docking station and accessories  —  Rated: 75% by 12 user(s).  —  Kensington this week unveiled five new products that fit into the iPod accessories catalog.  Among the five products announced, three of them; namely the SX 2000 Speakers for iPod …
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V. Dion Haynes / Washington Post:
Schools Beset by Computer Errors  —  D.C. Principals Report a Surge in Problems in Recent Days  —  D.C schools continue to experience problems with a new computer system, with some principals saying yesterday that their schools have been unable to record attendance, print student schedules or even access the Internet since Wednesday.
Larry Angell /
Pioneer rolls out iPod-ready A/V receivers  —  Pioneer Electronics has announced two new A/V receivers—the VSX-74TXVi and VSX-72TXV—which feature iPod connectivity and navigation.  —  "Connect iPod directly to the receiver to enjoy music through a home theater sound system," says Pioneer.
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Manu Sharma / Orange Hues:
Ebay Wants to Buy Skype?  Makes Sense  —  Fred Wilson, VC at Union Square Ventures and prolific blogger at 'A VC' blog wrote about a WSJ article that speculates that Ebay might be considering buying Skype.  Fred wonders why eBay would want to do that.  The WSJ article isn't free to read …
Jacob Appelbaum / Jacob Appelbaum's weblog:
Coming to you all live from New Orleans  —  Sorry for being vauge and for those that were in the know I'm sorry to drop off the radar.  I didn't want to disclose where we were going but we're here now and we made it safely.  Joel and I are now in Algiers.  This is the west bank of New Orleans, the 15th ward in Orleans Parish.

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