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Alfred Hermida / BBC:
Microsoft aims for hack-proof 360  —  Microsoft plans to make its next generation games console, the Xbox 360, as difficult as possible to hack.  —  The 360 will have security built directly into the hardware, said Xbox engineer Chris Satchell.  —  Fans have modified the first Xbox to turn …
Discussion: Kotaku, Techdirt and broadband
Joris Evers /
Mozilla offers temporary fix for Firefox flaw  —  Responding to the disclosure of a serious Web browser flaw, the Mozilla Foundation offered on Friday a temporary fix to protect Firefox and Mozilla users.  —  The downloadable fix protects against attacks that take advantage of a new …
Discussion: digg, Netcraft and
Scobleizer / Channel 9:
My coworkers impress, letter about Katrina efforts  —  This is why I love working here.  I am taking a risk here by printing this (it was an internal email that I thought would be interesting to print here), but this is an email from Lisa Brummel, director of HR.
Discussion: Paul Mooney and Scobleizer
Doug Young / Reuters:
China Telecom said to block Skype  —  SHANGHAI, Sept 9 - China Telecom has started blocking access to a popular Internet telephone service that is threatening its long-distance revenue, according to local media reports and Internet postings.  —  China's largest fixed-line phone carrier …
Mac Mini Robot  —  This is a description of a mobile robot using an Mac Mini and iSight camera for tele-operation.  The purpose of this project is to see what it is like to control to robot using the built-in visual and aural sensors before designing an agent to do the same task.
Discussion: digg and hack a day
James S. Granelli / Los Angeles Times:
Wireless Broadband Rises to Challenge Land Lines  —  Firms set up networks to help rescuers.  Some see an opportunity to replace the old system.  —  As telephone and wireless companies scramble to repair their hurricane-battered networks along the Gulf Coast, some of them are calling up the future.
Jenstar / JenSense:
New ad category targeting added to YPN  —  Yahoo Publisher Network has added a brand new ad category targeting feature for publishers, which should help create tighter ad targeting. … Here is a screenshot (click the screenshot to view full-sized version of the page):
Discussion: Blog Tips and Feed Money
Phishing Filter in IE7  —  Hi, my name is Tariq Sharif and I am a Program Manager on the IE Security team.  One of the threats users face on the web is phishing.  Today, I want to tell you about the Phishing Filter in IE7, a new security feature designed to dynamically warn users if they visit a phishing site.
Narendra Rocherolle / No Soap, Radio!:
Life After Webshots  —  I may have been in denial, or just busy migrating to a Mac (more on that later!), but I haven't gotten a chance to post about my last day with CNET and Webshots.  —  After many years, 4 business entities, 5 business locations, and numerous job descriptions …
Discussion: Software Only
Technorati's F'ing Ping Thing  —  In the Wall Street Journal, Technorati CEO David Sifry said the company has made exclusive deals to receive weblog pings: … The live, up-to-the-second nature of the blogosphere is made possible because of pings.  When I publish a new entry on Workbench …
Discussion: Things That
Center for American Progress:
A Better Communications System for Emergency Workers  —  Katrina overwhelmed the nation's complex communications system, raising serious questions about whether federal and local governments need new powers to organize a rapid response by the wireless, wire, cable, satellite, and broadcast industries.

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