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Parmy Olson / Forbes:
Connected device companies like Nest And Fitbit start side businesses selling data to utilities and health insurers   —  The Quantified Other: Nest And Fitbit Chase A Lucrative Side Business  —  The real value in smart gadgets may be not in what they tell you but in what they say to your doctor, insurance company and utilities.
Apr 18, 2014, 1:55 AMIn context
Jeff Bercovici / Forbes:
IAC's Match Group CEO: we did Tinder transaction, but $5B valuation “nowhere near the truth”   —  No, Tinder Is Not Worth $5 Billion  —  Don't believe those reports saying Tinder, the popular mobile dating app, is worth $5 billion.  —  That number, first reported by Bloomberg …
Apr 11, 2014, 3:40 PMIn context
Michael Wolf / Forbes:
Future of wearables in general can't be predicted based on survey about fitness tracker usage   —  Here's What's Wrong With The Guardian Article On Wearables  —  This week, The Guardian's Charles Arthur wrote an article suggesting the jury is still out on the wearables category …
Apr 6, 2014, 1:55 AMIn context
Brian Solomon / Forbes:
Weibo, China's Twitter, Prices IPO Approaching $4 Billion Valuation   —  Watch out Wall Street: the Chinese IPOs are coming.  —  Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site most often compared to Twitter, priced its initial public offering on Friday afternoon between $17 and $19 per share, to potentially raise up to $437 million.
Apr 4, 2014, 5:05 PMIn context
Andy Greenberg / Forbes:
Alleged Silk Road Creator's Lawyer Denies Bitcoin Is ‘Monetary Instrument,’ Moves To Drop All Charges   —  The trial of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged creator of the Silk Road Bitcoin-based black market for drugs, hasn't yet begun, but it's already raising hairy legal questions.  First on the docket: Is Bitcoin even money?
Apr 1, 2014, 2:10 PMIn context
Kashmir Hill / Forbes:
Entrepreneurs step up to help taxpayers track Bitcoin transactions, comply with IRS guidance   —  The Bitcoin Taxman Cometh: Calculating How Much Crypto-Investors Owe IRS Could Be Easy  —  With April 15 just weeks away, the IRS dropped its long-awaited “virtual currency guidance,” …
Mar 30, 2014, 2:20 PMIn context
George Anders / Forbes:
Sequoia Capital profiled as a feisty, decisive, luxury-eschewing band of outsiders   —  Inside Sequoia Capital: Silicon Valley's Innovation Factory  —  When Doug Leone arrived in Mount Vernon, N.Y. in 1968, the 11-year-old Italian immigrant didn't have a clue.
Mar 29, 2014, 3:45 PMIn context
Andy Greenberg / Forbes:
Dorian Nakamoto's neighbor and second Bitcoin user Hal Finney denies helping to invent Bitcoin   —  Nakamoto's Neighbor: My Hunt For Bitcoin's Creator Led To A Paralyzed Crypto Genius  —  Hal Finney's light brown eyes are pointed down.  —  I've just asked him if he was involved in the creation of Bitcoin.
Mar 25, 2014, 4:35 PMIn context
Eric Mack / Forbes:
National Bitcoin Alternative Auroracoin Launches To Save Iceland's Economy   —  As many of you read this, all the good people of Iceland will have just become about 30 Auroracoin richer, which translates to nearly $350 if current prices hold.  —  Auroracoin is among the first serious attempts …
Mar 24, 2014, 9:55 PMIn context
Parmy Olson / Forbes:
Exclusive: Alibaba Sinks $215 Million Into Messaging App Tango, Valuing It At More Than $1 Billion   —  China's Alibaba is the latest Internet giant to make a bet on the messaging space, and it's a big one.  The company is spending $250 million for a minority stake in the messaging and free-calling app Tango, the startup revealed today.
Mar 20, 2014, 12:10 AMIn context

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