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Matt Wyndowe / Facebook Newsroom:
App Center: A New Place to Find Social Apps  —  Today we're launching the App Center to make it easier to find apps you can enjoy with friends.  —  The App Center features mobile and web apps, such as Draw Something, Pinterest, and Nike+ GPS, and new apps including Jetpack Joyride, Ghosts of Mistwood, and Ghost Recon Commander.
Drew Olanoff / The Next Web:
Facebook launches App Center on iOS, Android and the web, for socially driven app discovery  —  We've known it was coming since early May, and Facebook has finally started rolling out its App Center to users.  —  At an event in San Francisco which was advertised to us with the theme of …
Matt Brian / The Next Web:
Retina-ready apps begin to appear in Apple's Mac App Store ahead of WWDC  —  Apps on Apple's Mac App Store are beginning to be updated with Retina-ready graphics, ready for the rumoured launch of new high-resolution Mac Retina Displays.  —  Approved this morning, Mac App Store tool Folderwatch …
Colleen Taylor / TechCrunch:
TaskRabbit Founder Leah Busque Takes Back The Reins, Stepping Back Into CEO Role  —  Leah Busque, the founder of TaskRabbit, the web and mobile marketplace for outsourcing small jobs and errands, has reassumed the role of CEO at the San Francisco-based startup.
More: Business InsiderTweets: @annimaniacThanks:@loyalelectron
Josh Halliday / Guardian:
Facebook to reveal identities of cyberbullies  —  Mother wins high court backing after she received abusive messages about post on The X Factor's Frankie Cocozza  —  A mother has won court backing to force Facebook to reveal the identities of cyberbullies who targeted her with a string of abusive messages on the website.
James Hutchinson /
Samsung sues Aussie patent office in Apple suit  —  Updated: Commissioner faces Federal Court.  —  Samsung has sued the Australian patent commissioner, and by extension the Federal Government, in an attempt to force a review of patents key to its ongoing, high-profile battle with smartphone rival Apple.
Eric Mack / CNET:
Free iPads scheduled for landing at airports  —  Another reason not to make eye contact with anyone on the concourse.  —  (Credit: OTG)  —  If you enjoy the ritual of sitting down at your departure gate to kill some time with your iPad while waiting for your flight to board …
Tim Anderson's ITWriting:
Microsoft, Windows 8, and the Innovator's Dilemma (or, why you hate Windows 8)  —  One thing is obvious from the immediate reaction to Windows 8 Release Preview.  Most of those who try it do not like it.  It is a contrast to the pre-release days of Windows 7, when there was near-consensus that …
Andrew Webster / The Verge:
Verizon joins auto manufacturers to ‘accelerate development’ of connected cars  —  Verizon has announced that it's joining forces with some of the biggest auto manufacturers around in order to “accelerate development of the 4G LTE ecosystem” in connected cars.
Jim Dalrymple / TechPinions:
Apple's Television  —  People have been talking about an Apple television for the last couple of years, but nobody knows for sure if the company will actually make one or not.  I wouldn't count Apple out of that market.  —  I've long held that Apple will enter markets that it feels it can make a significant impact.
Edward Moyer / CNET:
‘DIY streetview’ camera lets you be Google  —  The world is your oyster.  —  (Credit: Streetview Technology)  —  As Google takes Street View off-road with its new Trekker backpacks, German company Streetview Technology is taking the mapping technology in yet another new direction — DIY terrain.
Ryan Paul / Ars Technica:
Canonical partners with Microsoft to support Ubuntu on Azure  —  Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth praised Azure as an “impressive new entrant.”  —  Microsoft revealed yesterday that its Azure cloud computing service is extending support to the open source Linux operating system.
Mike Butcher / TechCrunch:
Thomson Reuters Acquires Mobile Startup Apsmart To Re-invigorate Its Mobile Products  —  Nice win for DN Capital today.  Apsmart, a London-based mobile platform and product development firm that was majority owned by the VC has been acquired by Thomson Reuters.  Terms were not disclosed.
Dave Winer / Gizmodo:
What Steve Jobs Left Untouched  —  There were a lot of things Steve Jobs was right about.  —  Probably the most important thing he got right was realizing that you have to build a great stadium before you can invent great sports.  An example of this was the decision in 1986 to build every Mac with networking.
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John Brownlee / Cult of Mac:
Why Your Next iPhone Should Be Prepaid  —  Earlier this week, we did the math and declaredprepaid carrier Cricket Mobile to be the best iPhone deal around, but today's announcement that Sprint's Virgin Mobile will also be offering the iPhone 4S starting on June 24th changes the math substantially …
Colleen Taylor / TechCrunch:
Dennis Crowley On Reinventing Foursquare: De-Emphasizing Check-ins, Digging Into Data, Moving Toward Revenue  —  It has been a big day for Foursquare: The New York-based company finally unveiled the newest version of its popular location-based mobile app, Foursquare 5.0 …
Jon Russell / The Next Web:
Apple agrees to $2.25 million settlement in Australia over ‘misleading’ iPad 4G advertising  —  Apple has agreed to pay settlement costs of $2.25 million to end a legal case that accuses the company of misleading the Australian public over the 4G-compatibility of the new iPad in the country, according to The Australian.
Dancho Danchev / ZDNet:
North Korea ships malware-infected games to South Korean users, uses them to launch DDoS attacks  —  Summary: Seoul's Metropolitan Police Agency has intercepted a cyber attack plot orchestrated by North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau, which successfully shipped malware-infected games to South Korean users.
Martin de Sa'Pinto / Reuters:
Swiss court eases terms for Google's Street View  —  (Reuters) - Technology giant Google can continue to provide its Street View service in Switzerland after a Swiss Court ruled the company was not bound to blur all faces and number plates before publishing images on the Internet.
Megan Geuss / Ars Technica:
SSNs on P2P?  The Feds found businesses that leaked private information  —  The FTC charged a debt collector and a car dealership with illegal indiscretion.  —  Back in 2010, the FTC conducted a probe revealing that a lot of sensitive customer data could be found on P2P networks …
Seth Weintraub / 9to5Mac:
T-Mobile confirms it will offer WWDC attendees iPhone-compatible ‘4G’ at Moscone West  —  A T-Mobile spokesperson told us in a response to our story earlier that yes the carrier is going to have an iOS device-compatible “4G” HSPA+ Mobile network available to attendees in Moscone.
Evan Rodgers / The Verge:
LightSquared supporters ask for spectrum swap, lenders propose 90-day lifeline  —  A group of lawmakers have sent FCC chairman Julius Genachowski a letter this week asking him to look into whether a spectrum swap with the Department of Defense would allow LightSquared to develop its LTE network …
Lance Whitney / CNET:
Microsoft Office first desktop app to hit Windows 8 store  —  (Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)  —  Dominated by Metro apps, the Windows Store has landed its first desktop program.  —  Office 2010 is now available through the online store, making good on Microsoft's promise …

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