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Richard MacManus / Read/Write Web:
Web 2.0 Naysaying reaches an all-time high (or is it low)  —  Looks like the Web 2.0 Naysayers are starting to drown out those of us who've been preaching the 2.0 Gospel.  —  Joel on Software, who has a lot of influence in the programming world, comes down hard with his post entitled Architecture Astronauts Are Back:
Dave Winer /
Build to flip the Flickr of evrything  —  Later today I'll give a keynote address, at a BBQ.  —  That's got to be a first.  —  It's a tradition that when I give a talk, I prepare it on Scripting News, in the open, for all to see.  —  Since this talk will be given in the heart of Silicon Valley …
Narendra Rocherolle / No Soap, Radio!:
Techcrunch Meetup #3  —  Further evidence that the Web Renaissance is in full swing.  200 people in a random backyard in Atherton-on a Friday night!  This is either a case of the web connecting a lot of people with absolutely zero social lives or a lot of people pretty excited about forthcoming products and businesses.
Miss Rogue / HorsePigCow:
TechCrunch BBQ  —  Michael threw another amazing BBQ in Atherton last night.
Discussion: TechCrunch
Matt Marshall / SiliconBeat:
Techcrunch and the Web 2.0 fest — and the best VCs
Discussion: Scobleizer
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Dave Winer To Give the Flickr of Keynotes tonight
Discussion: Scripting News
Burtonator / Kevin Burton's Feed Blog:
$20 Gets you a TailRank Golden Ticket!
Robert X. Cringely /
Energy Crisis  —  It's Hard to Make a Buck When You Are Storing Everyone's Stuff for Free  —  Combining themes of several recent columns, we can see that a lot of money is being bet on a future user computing experience based on web services.  Ubiquitous broadband along with hefty processing capability …
Accidental invention could light up the future  —  Quantum dot mixture takes LED lighting to a new level  —  The main light source of the future will almost surely not be a bulb.  It might be a table, a wall, or even a fork.  —  An accidental discovery announced this week has taken LED lighting …
Yahoo! Search blog:
Video Search To Go!  —  As I eagerly await the arrival of my brand-spanking-new 60gb white Video iPod (for research purposes only, I assure my manager), I've been thinking about how I can fill my new device up with content, and I imagine many of you are doing the same.
Ryan Singel / Wired News:
Pumping Indies on MTV  —  Norbury and Finch are a folk duo based on Vancouver Island.  They aren't signed to a music label, but fans of the Ozzy Osbourne reality show and HBO's Real Sex have heard their music, thanks to an innovative music-licensing company that has placed thousands of songs …
Discussion: Seth's Blog
Stephen Feller /
Wine will go beta next week  —  After roughly 12 years of work, the Wine Project is about to take its widely used Windows translation layer to a place it has not been in all that time: beta.  —  Wine Project leader Alexandre Julliard, who has worked on the software nearly since its beginning …
Discussion: and Ted's Radio Weblog
Apple lobs grenade into Microsoft media center camp  —  APC Magazine's Dan Warne reckons Apple is about to deftly round-house kick Microsoft's media center strategy for six.  First Apple leaves a mysterious header on the Mac Mini motherboard for a non-existent iPod dock connector.
Paul Stamatiou /
Flock, Under Those Feathers  —  Flock is the latest open source browser, catering especially to bloggers and Web 2.0 savvy users.  It is heavily based upon open source code from Mozilla's Firefox browser and was developed by a group of a 10 guys and a gal in a garage in Palo Alto, California …
Mark Pincus Blog:
Where's the love for web 2.0?  —  I'm reading john heilemann's piece in new york magazine about 'diller's foxy strategy' and amazed that a journalist could in one article be so critical and dismissive of silicon valley's 'kacki clad vc's chasing prepubescent entrepreneurs' and so shamelessly …
Discussion: A VC
Peter Galli /
Microsoft, OSI Discuss Shared Source Licenses  —  While Microsoft Corp. has publicly said it has no immediate plans to submit its newest Shared Source licenses to the Open Source Initiative for approval, the company met with the OSI board this week to discuss the matter.
Msnshopblog / MSN Shopping Insider:
MSN Shopping Launches in Australia  —  MSN Shopping is very pleased and excited to announce the launch of the new Shopping site on ninemsn in Australia!  The new site is built upon the same application platform recently released in the United States, and demonstrates the MSN Shopping team's commitment …
Charles Arthur / The Register:
How ATM fraud nearly brought down British banking  —  This is the story of how the UK banking system could have collapsed in the early 1990s, but for the forbearance of a junior barrister who also happened to be an expert in computer law - and who discovered that at that time the computing department …

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