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Jeff Clavier / ZDNet:
Innovation 2.0: Why Web 2.0 companies might have to flip to avoid being flopped  —  The question of "What is Web 2.0" has been debated at length in the blogosphere and in the alleys of the eponymous conference a week ago (and I am not sure that we have come to any agreement yet).
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Web 2.0, Community & the Commerce Conundrum  —  Nicholas Carr has an uncanny ability of saying things that manage to upset many, if not most people.  His original essay, IT Doesn't Matter, managed to get under the skin of Silicon Valley insiders, who tried to dismiss him with a flick of their collective wrists.
Anil Dash:
The Flip 2K5  —  Or, "Yahoo bought everyone on my buddy list, and all I got was this t-shirt".  —  Following up on the discussion about Web 2.0 from last week, the only thing as glaring as who was missing from the room was the talk of a new bubble.  I can't even count how many blog posts …
Discussion: JD on MX
Yannick Laclau:
Well, that was fast! The "open" Web2.0 starts to "close"
Discussion: GoogleRumors
Randy Charles Morin / The RSS Blog:
State of the Splogosphere  —  The topic of the day, is Blogspot splogs.  I gotta admit, my own RSS reader is giving me more SPAM than anything these days.  Many in the blogosphere have pointed the finger at Google and want Blogspot taken down until they can fix the splog program.  This is very short-sighted.
Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo:
Ten Suggestions for Google's Blogspot  —  Emotion.  Raw emotion.  —  That's what caused me to write something about the Blogspot spam problem this weekend - independently from Jarvis writing independently from Haughey writing independently from Cuban writing independently from Bray.
Eric A. Taub / New York Times:
McDonald's and Nintendo in Wi-Fi Deal  —  Would you like Mario with that Big Mac?  —  Nintendo of America is expected to announce today that it will offer free wireless Internet access for its Nintendo DS portable game system at McDonald's restaurants.  Customers will be able to play select DS games …
Discussion: Digital Tech Life
Matt Casamassina /
DS Goes Wayport  —  Eat hamburgers and play Mario Kart online at McDonald's across the nation.  —  October 17, 2005 - Nintendo of America on Tuesday will announce a groundbreaking partnership with Wi-Fi provider Wayport to make available free Internet access to DS owners at McDonald's restaurants across the nation.
Discussion: Joystiq, Kotaku and Gizmodo
Mike Wendland / Detroit Free Press:
MIKE WENDLAND: Microsoft has a winner with Tablet PC operating system  —  Not to be a name dropper, but when Bill Gates spotted me last week at a news conference in Ann Arbor his face broke into a big grin and he greeted me with something to the effect of "Hey, Mike, my favorite reporter!"
Tracy / The Student Tablet PC:
Reflection on the Past 36 Days
Chris Carle /
Doom  —  Review: The best videogame-to-film adaptation yet.  —  October 17, 2005 - Obviously, there will be two camps of people attending Doom: those who have played an installment of the storied (and at times much-maligned) game franchise, and those who have not.
Discussion: Cathode Tan, Joystiq, Kotaku and digg
Matt Cutts:
More info on updates  —  I've already talked about index updates some in the past.  These days rather than having a large monolithic update, Google tends to have smaller (and more frequent) individual launches.  So I think my Sept. 8th, 2005 post on the subject of non-updates was just mentioning …
Andrew Orlowski / The Register:
Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems  —  Yes it's garbage, but it's delivered so much faster!  —  Encouraging signs from the Wikipedia project, where co-founder and überpedian Jimmy Wales has acknowledged there are real quality problems with the online work.
Joris Evers / ZDNet:
Trojan masquerades as Skype update … Cybercriminals are spreading a malicious Trojan horse under the guise of an update to Skype, e-mail security firm MessageLabs said Monday.  —  The Trojan horse, a variant of IRCbot, arrives in an e-mail purporting to be an update to Skype, the popular Internet telephony application.
Father of Wiki Quits Microsoft; Moves to Open-Source Foundation  —  Ward Cunningham, one of Microsoft's high-profile hires, is leaving the Redmond software company to join the open-source tool group, The Eclipse Foundation.  —  Microsoft has lost one of its high-profile hires to an open-source consortium.
Chris Gaither / Los Angeles Times:
AOL's Dance Card Is Full  —  Once a Time Warner embarrassment, the Internet provider is attracting big suitors.  —  SAN FRANCISCO — Since its disastrous merger with Time Warner Inc., America Online hasn't been able to find much love.  Now the suitors are lining up at the door.
Discussion: IP Democracy and
Steve Gillmor / Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter:
Links are dead, Doc  —  Good grief.  My friend Doc Searls has reacted big time to my suggestion that links are dead.  OK, I was going to sugercoat it but if you insist….  —  Doc, last in first out.  Links have leverage, attention doesn't?  Well, every singloe new search play …

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