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Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes … Weblogs are a form of website.  The thousands of normal website usability guidelines therefore apply to them, as do this year's top ten design mistakes.  But weblogs are also a special genre of website; they have unique characteristics and thus distinct usability problems.
Dsifry / Sifry's Alerts:
State of the Blogosphere, October 2005 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth  —  It is that time of the year again, and I've got some new information on the continued growth of the blogosphere.  I made this presentation as part of my 10 minute talk at Web 2.0 on October 6, 2005.
News & Events  —  VeriSign Acquires Moreover Technologies  —  Real-time Aggregation Platform to Complement Blog and RSS Feed Infrastructure  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, October 17, 2005 - VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Internet …
Discussion: and Outsell Now
Michael Graves / Welcome to the Infrablog:
VeriSign+Morever  —  Today, VeriSign announced the acquisition of  For almost a year, we've been thinking, watching and discussing (internally and externally) what's been happening in the blogosphere.  By early spring, several trends emerged that were important to us:
Discussion: SiliconBeat and
Michael Singer / CNET
Palm, RIM ink licensing deal  —  Handheld computer makers Palm and Research In Motion inked a deal on Monday to let Treo 650 owners to connect with BlackBerry e-mail and calendar software.  —  The option will be available for new and existing Treo 650 users as well as future Treo products …
Discussion: Gizmodo
Cliff Edwards / Business Week:
RIM's Helping Hand from Palm
Discussion: Techdirt
Daniel Roth / Fortune:
Torrential Reign  —  Bram Cohen's BitTorrent software made it a cinch to pirate films on the Internet.  So why is Hollywood on his side?  —  For two years after the dot-com crash, Bram Cohen could almost always be found at his small dining-room table, first in San Francisco's Nob Hill and later in Oakland.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Ken Belson / New York Times:
Power Companies Enter the High-Speed Internet Market  —  CINCINNATI - The idea has been around for years.  In Spain and elsewhere in Europe, utility companies have long offered high-speed Internet service to consumers over their power lines.  —  But American utilities are only now beginning …
Sam Kennedy /   End of Internet over power lines?
Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
Norway's public broadcaster sells out taxpayers to Microsoft  —  The Norwegian public broadcaster has broken new ground with a project that has put 20,000 video clips and 12 radio stations online.  That's the good news.  Hell, it's better than good.  It is breathtakingly amazing.
Cory, wrong again  —  Update: Now: the bloggy equivalent of rolling on my back and exposing my stomach.  The low quality and low tone of my post is beneath Cory and the subject in question.  It was awfully nice of him to respond in my comments with a measured response.
Alan T. Saracevic / San Francisco Chronicle:
In the year 2050, Google seeks new life forms  —  Oct. 16, 2050 — Google Inc. announced today yet another partnership with NASA in which the Mountain View search giant will collaborate with the much smaller government agency on the search for extraterrestrial life.
Intel slashes laptop power-up times  —  Robson cache technology also boosts battery life, company says  —  OCTOBER 17, 2005 (IDG NEWS SERVICE) - TAIPEI — Intel Corp. today unveiled a new technology that significantly reduces the time it takes for a notebook PC to power up or access programs, while also improving battery life.
Discussion: jkOnTheRun
USA Today:
Techies: They're everywhere  —  When you think of people who are technologically savvy, you probably envision a hip young guy in Seattle or Silicon Valley or New York, sitting in a coffee shop and sending e-mail from his laptop or PDA or even his cellphone.  —  You're right, but not entirely.
Tim Wu / Slate:
Leggo My Ego  —  GooglePrint and the other culture war.  —  Did you know you can search television?  That you can type in "yada yada yada," and find the exact frames where George Costanza's girlfriend Marcy said it first?  Weird as it may seem, you can do it with one of Google's little-known products, "Google Video."
Discussion: IFTF's Future Now
William Patry / The Patry Copyright Blog:
The Unsettled, Unsettling Concept of "Copy"  —  When speaking of "copyright," one might think that "copy" would be a clear concept.  In the past, the word was hypenated, "copy-right," but even this was ambiguous: did it refer to "copy" as a noun or as a verb?  Were we to be concerned with a right in a "copy" or a right to copy?
Dan Choi / Joystiq:
Thompson breaks his word on $10k bounty, says he was just kidding  —  A team of GTA modders called the Fighting Hellfish has created a San Andreas mod for the PC that Jack Thompson could have designed—that is, if he included himself as the vengeful father he proposed earlier, on a murderous rampage through the video-game industry.

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